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Do you live at a property that has previously had an nbn® satellite internet service connected?

Ready to reconnect that service?

Doing these 4 things before you call us will streamline your reconnection process, getting you up-and-running faster.

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    1. Make sure you can locate your Network Termination Device (NTD) and all the cables that go with it

    The NTD looks like this ↓

    [Image: satellite NTD]

    Your NTD (network termination device) is the box that is installed at your home or office and connects you to the nbn® through fixed wireless or satellite internet technology.

    Think of it as your nbn® connection box. It stays at the premises when you leave because it’s really the property of the nbn® co.

    We can still connect you if you can’t find this equipment. We just need to organise a technician to visit you and replace the missing items. Depending on what you’re missing, it might just delay your reconnection slightly while the replacement/s are sourced, and a technician is arranged.

    2. Make sure you can’t see any damage to the equipment

    Once you’ve found the equipment, there is one quick way to find out if it’s in working order.

    Don’t laugh. But we just want you to plug it in.

    If the NTD turns on and the light becomes a solid orange, you’re good to go. No problems.

    If you get anything other than a solid orange light let us know when you call.

    Much like if you couldn’t find the equipment, we will need to organise a technician to come and repair or replace what is broken. It will mean probable delays in your reconnection while it’s all arranged.

    When this happens, it can take up to 10-days to arrange for a technician to visit you, perhaps even longer if you’re in a very remote location.

    3. Make sure all is well with your satellite dish

    Just like with your NTD, we need you to check that the satellite dish is not damaged and that nothing is blocking its line of sight with the tower.

    The satellite dish is most likely on the top of your house.

    Check for damage

    Sometimes a fallen branch can damage it, or a bird can make a nest in it. Once someone showed me a photo of a cat sleeping in their satellite dish… it’s true!

    If there is something on your satellite dish you can either get someone out to clear it, or let us know and we’ll raise a fault with nbn co to have it fixed up for you.

    We strongly encourage you not to get on the roof and clear it out yourself. Sadly, we can not take any liability if you do get up there and hurt yourself. So please, arrange someone who is insured to get the job done for you.

    If you find the satellite dish has been damaged (like dents, bending or obvious breakage), you’ll need to let us know so we can arrange a technician to visit. The same delays we discussed in Step 2 will apply to this as well. But if we know all this information at once, it’s just one visit from one technician and saves you a lot of time.

    Check the line of sight between the satellite dish and the tower

    If you can see any trees on your property that are higher than the satellite dish, there’s a chance they are obstructing the dish and may need to be cut back in order for the connection to work well. The same applies to any other large items that can be easily moved, removed or dismantled.

    More tech savvy types can use a website like to see if there is anything specifically obstructing the line of sight.

    To help you with using that website, advocacy group Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia (BIRRR) have some instructions here. These websites can be a little challenging for those without any existing tech knowledge.

    If the obstruction is not something within your power, have a chat with our team about your options.

    Knowing there’s an obstruction in advance of calling will help us find you the best solution faster.

    4. Provide an accurate delivery point for your property when you call to reconnect

    It’s stating the obvious to say that some rural and remote Australian properties are enormous. To further complicate matters, the address people think they live at doesn’t always match the official addresses that nbn co use to arrange installations, connections and repairs.

    When you call to sign-up, we need you to give us obvious, recognisable and clear delivery point for the technician.

    Depending on the situation, we may also ask you for the latitude and longitude of your property to make sure we’re matching the right address with nbn co records.

    All this helps to avoid any possible delays from mismatched addresses or lost technicians.

    We’ve published some instructions on finding your latitude and longitude here.

    Next step: Call Skymesh on 1300 759 637

    Once you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to give us a call.

    Keep all the information you’ve collected close at hand. All this information makes it easier for us to speed up the process and figure out what needs to happen for you to be reconnected. It also saves you from having to ring us back with more information.

    Our all Aussie team is here 7-days a week, every day of the year and they can’t wait to hear from you.

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    Check your address

    See what’s available at your property

      Check your address

      See what’s available at your property