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What content is unmetered on the new Sky Muster™ Plus service?

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What content is really unmetered on the new Sky Muster™ Plus service? Well, almost everything really.

When NBN Co relaunched Sky Muster™ Plus on 1 April 2020, they did so with the goal of giving rural and remote Australians peace of mind when it comes to available data.

They flipped the previous Sky Muster™ Plus experience on its head completely and made everything you do online unmetered by default, with only a couple of exclusions: VPN traffic and video streaming.


Now, you will have all the data you need when you sign-up to Sky Muster™ Plus.

Gone are the days of wondering whether you’ll have enough data to check your email or do the banking. Those things are now a rite of passage for Sky Muster™ Plus users, along with many other categories of content that keep you connected to others and enable you to get involved with essential activities online.

Three weeks into the new product’s availability, the bulk of questions we’re getting at SkyMesh headquarters zero in on one issue: What is really unmetered on the new Sky Muster™ Plus service?

A healthy amount of scepticism from rural and remote Australia is to be expected after all these years.

We know that you’re accustomed to having less data than your metro counterparts, so when you’re promised an abundance of data, you raise an eyebrow and you’re full of questions.

Rightly so.

There really is no need to feel this way any longer and here’s some proof.

Luckily, our friends at Better Internet for Rural, Regional & Remote Australia (BIRRR) have compiled this table below and we’ve cross-checked it with information from NBN Co.

It gives you solid examples of what is in and out when it comes to unmetered content on the Sky Muster™ Plus service. Hopefully it will get you a little excited about the online possibilities before you.

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Unmetered vs metered Sky Muster™ Plus content examples

Note: The below content is accurate as at 1st April 2020 but the types of traffic that are metered on the nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus product are constantly subject to change. We recommend you check this page ( regularly to ensure that you keep up to date with the latest changes. The examples of Metered Usage in the table below are examples only and do not comprehensively describe all types of traffic that is metered on nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus Plans. For further details on which types of traffic are metered or unmetered, please contact your internet service provider.


Social mediaFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, TumblrTik Tok, YouTube
Video conferencingZoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Messenger, GoToMeetings, Adobe Connect, Google Duo, Google Hangouts, Viber, Line, Tango, MyVMRN/A
Cloud programsDropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Cloud accounting programs, Canva, iCloudN/A
EmailsGmail, Outlook, Apple MailN/A
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)N/AAll VPN traffic
Video streamingEmbedded video streaming on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and LinkedInNetflix, Stan, YouTube, Foxtel, iTunes, BigPond, Apple TV, PlayOn, SBS Online, ABC iView, video embedded on news/magazine sites
GamingSoftware updates, console updates, most online gaming platforms e.g. MinecraftGoogle Stadia
Voice callingWiFi calling, VOiP, Messenger, SkypeN/A
Audio StreamingSpotify, iTunes, Audible, Google PlayN/A
Software/AppsApp downloads and updates, phone updates, computer updates, software downloads and updatesN/A
EducationReading Eggs, Mathletics, Blackboard, Moodle, Study Ladder, TurnitinYouTube
Web-browsingAll general web-browsing, retail, banking, blogs, news, weatherN/A

The above are examples only. There may be many other platforms and programs open to you.

Download our infographic cheat-sheet


If you’re not already on the Sky Muster™ Plus service, why not check out the new possibilities it opens up for you?

CHECK OUT Sky Muster™ Plus PLANS


Studying with video online lesson at home
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