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Skymesh Partner Program

Utilise our network of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO) satellite internet services to diversify your offering and add an additional revenue stream to your business.

Become a partner today

Speak to a member of our Aussie team about the best partner tier for your business.

Why partner with Skymesh?


Fast & Free Onboarding

Become a agent without any onboarding costs of complex contracts. On-board and start reselling within days.


Australia-Wide Connectivity

Access the common missing link in end-to-end connectivity and enable your clients to connect their remote sites via business grade satellite internet.


Dedicated Account Manager with Enterprise SLAs

Get the support both you and your customers need, 7-days a week with free standard priority support.


ACMA License not Required Account Manager with Enterprise SLAs

Obtaining your own ACMA license is both time-consuming and expensive. Sidestep this requirement and sell services under the Skymesh license.

“AirBridge would have no hesitation recommending Skymesh.”

Hear why AirBridge chose to partner with Skymesh to support their design of enterprise grade networking solutions in Queensland.

Partner tiers



Bill your customers directly and become an ‘Authorised reseller of Starlink’, OneWeb and nbn. Requires a minimum commitment prior to onboarding.



A popular option for managed service providers, sell Skymesh branded services to your customers. No minimum commitment.



Our simplest partner tier, earn a one off commission by referring sales to Skymesh. No direct billing or managing customers.

What is Starlink internet service coverage?

Starlink provides complete coverage for Mainland Australia. If you have a clear view of the sky, Starlink is a great choice for your location.

What SLAs can I offer my customers?

There are three tiers of support offered by Skymesh; Basic, Pro and Premium. All three tiers include priority business support.

What does the 24/7 phone support cover?

Our support team is always available to assist you within the Business Support hours (8am – 8pm). For the 24/7 support plan, a ticket will be raised, and our accounts team will get in touch with you on the next business day.

Are there any limitations on who can be a Agent?

All requests to become a Starlink Agent through Skymesh are welcomed. All that is required is completion and acceptance of a short application form confirming your business details.

Become a partner

Our partner program offers a range of incentives, resources, and training for partners. By joining Skymesh, you can access high-demand LEO satellite internet solutions and benefits.

It’s an great opportunity for solution providers and MSPs to grow their business in the ever-expanding and competitive industry.

Become a partner today

Speak to a member of our Aussie team about the best partner tier for your business.


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