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nbn® Business-grade Satellite Internet

Connect regional hubs back to head office, or connect a standalone rural business. Now with FREE hardware and a professional standard installation*.

Connecting the Daintree ferry

Here how Skymesh connected Daintree ferry to nbn business satellite with the help of our partners, Airbridge.

Should my business switch to the Business Satellite Service?

This depends on the size and complexity of your business. For large enterprise businesses operating in rural and remote locations, the business nbn® Satellite Service can offer faster speeds, substantially more data and business service levels.

Small businesses with less than 20 employees may find that Sky Muster® Plus will better suits their needs.

How can I check eligibility?

Business nbn® Satellite Services are designed for enterprise-size businesses, governments and councils located in rural and remote parts of Australia.

The map below will give you a general guide of whether or not your business is located in an area where business nbn® Satellite Services are offered.

Contact us to fully determine service availability for your business.

What SLAs are available?

There are three tiers of assurance provided by nbn co including; Bronze (default), Silver and Gold.

All three tiers include priority resolution times and modem warranties. Both the Gold and Silver tiers include an immediate modem replacement if that’s what is required during the call out.

What hardware will we need?

nbn co will install a new satellite dish and satellite NTD (modem) for the business nbn® Satellite Service.

nbn co also offers several hardware options to suit various remote localities and use-cases.

Is my existing Sky Muster® hardware ok?

You will need specific hardware for the business nbn® Satellite Service and we can help you figure out the best options for your business size and location.

Are fleet plans and data sharing available?

Data pooling is an optional extra enabling you to share data allowances across multiple business nbn® Satellite Services which are on the same speed tier.

Do I have to pay for the hardware and installation?

Yes, unlike the residential Sky Muster® service, business nbn® satellite services require a paid installation.

There are a variety of options which may include payment plans depending on your particular situation.

How much data can I use?

If you exceed your base plan allowance, top-ups are automatically applied in 100GB increments in lieu of speed limiting the service.

For example, if you choose a 1,000GB base plan and use 1,250GB of data in a month, you will pay for the base plan plus three top-ups.

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At Skymesh, we understand that high-speed broadband is crucial for seamless business communications, irrespective of business size or sector.

We are dedicated to providing reliable solutions to businesses operating in areas with limited traditional broadband services, ensuring high-speed and high-quality connections.

We achieve this by leveraging a range of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO) satellite internet services, customizing solutions to meet specific business needs.

Collaborating with multiple networks, our tailored solutions are deployed across various industries in Australia.

To get started, request a call back or call 1300 698 945.

nbn® Business Satellite

Are you looking to connect to nbn® Business satellite? If you are running a business in a regional area and you want to grow, you can’t depend on slow or unreliable internet plans. Service interruptions and loss of productivity can negatively affect your bottom line. If you want to conduct business unimpeded by technical difficulties, there’s no need to look for an ‘internet provider in my area’.

Skymesh offers business-grade satellite internet through the nbn with big data plans and fast speeds. We also offer SLAs that cater to your business’s unique needs, whether you need to connect your regional hub back to HQ or you are a standalone rural business.

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