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      Wireless Broadband

      If you live in a rural or remote area with limited internet access, then you know how important it is to have reliable wireless broadband services that can keep you connected with friends, family, and colleagues. Most people who reside in these areas have limited options when it comes to fast, affordable internet service providers (ISPs). That’s why many people turn to Skymesh.

      Skymesh provides wireless internet services for business and residential customers in regional, rural, and remote areas. It’s a leading provider of wireless broadband services that enable people to connect to the internet wherever they are. In this article, you will learn more about how and why wireless broadband is used.

      Is wireless broadband the same as Wi-Fi?

      What is home wireless broadband? We often interchange phrases like ‘broadband service’ and ‘wifi internet service’, but wireless broadband and Wi-Fi aren’t the same things. Wi-Fi links devices to networks within homes and offices, whereas broadband links these local networks to the internet.

      Wi-Fi allows multiple devices to wirelessly connect to a local area network (LAN) simultaneously, but Wi-Fi is connected to the internet by other means. That’s why you can successfully connect to Wi-Fi and still get notifications on your devices like ‘Wi-Fi has no internet access’.

      Wireless broadband is one of the ways that Wi-Fi can get access to the internet. By definition, this is where the internet service is wirelessly delivered from the provider to a single device like a modem or your nbn® box, which is connected to a router that shares a network for other devices via Wi-Fi.

      If you have ever used your cellphone’s mobile hotspot feature to let other people use the internet, you can think of the functions of wireless broadband and Wi-Fi as similar to it. People can log in with their phones to a local network – i.e. the WiFi or hotspot – generated by your phone, but your phone is also getting a signal from a wider network to provide internet to that local network.

      That second connection from that wider network to your phone is how wireless broadband works on a small scale, except it is done with special equipment designed to cover much wider areas more efficiently.

      What are the advantages of wireless broadband?

      With their ability to efficiently cover large areas, wireless networks bring broadband internet access to many previously underserved areas. Wireless broadband allows for the deployment of networks of varied sizes in areas where the cost of installing cables would be impractical. There are two kinds of wireless broadband technologies that the nbn uses specifically for areas that are harder to reach.

      Skymesh’s nbn Fixed Wireless is one of our coproducts with the nbn used to deliver faster and more reliable broadband to regional and rural areas. Fixed Wireless nbn makes use of an antenna installed atop your residence to receive signals from nbn service towers strategically stationed around the country.

      As a retail service provider (RSP) of the nbn, we have access to thousands of the network’s towers, each of which serves a fixed number of households to maintain a consistent and reliable bandwidth for everybody.

      Some areas that are truly off-the-grid require tech like satellite internet that supports even greater distances, which is where Sky Muster® and Sky Muster® Plus come in. These services use satellite signals sent from ten ground stations across the country to two satellites in orbit that send it back down to an nbn satellite dish installed at your home.

      Are wireless networks the best option for home internet?

      The most appropriate type of network would depend on the location and coverage of your home. The nbn uses seven different methods of delivering broadband services. They decide on which technology to allocate for you depending on where you live, how the population is scattered, and what existing infrastructure is available.

      Instead of looking up ‘internet provider in my area’, you can see what’s available at your address through our Skymesh homepage or the nbn rollout map. If your area coverage supports wireless broadband, you can look through our affordable internet plans and see what suits your needs.

      With Skymesh’s Fixed Wireless plans, you can enjoy a Limitless Data Plan through the nbn. If you know how much data you consistently use on a monthly basis, you can save money by opting for a capped plan.

      Skymesh’s Sky Muster® plan comes capped with a monthly anytime and off-peak allowance. In addition, all data used during peak hours on Sky Muster® Plus, apart from video and VPN, is unmetered. Existing Sky Muster® Plus subscribers don’t need to upgrade as this benefit has been automatically applied to all Sky Muster® Plus services since July 1st, 2022.

      With Skymesh satellite internet service, you have the option of using your own nbn-compatible router (limited support is offered for BYO routers) or purchasing a Skymesh plug-n-play router (free shipping and standard tech support included).

      Skymesh has over fifteen years of experience helping customers in rural Australia access better internet. We have a fantastic team of regional internet experts based in Brisbane who can answer all your questions about business and home phone plans. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions by phone at 1300 759 637.

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