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Unlimited Data nbn® Fixed Wireless Internet Plans, For Less

Access fast, reliable, unlimited internet at your regional home from just $89.95/mo with FREE setup, FREE standard installation and Aussie support. Get Skymesh FREE for 1-Month. Terms apply.

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    nbn® Fixed Wireless


    1 Month FREE

    Get Skymesh FREE for 1-Month. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can cancel within the first month off service and not pay a thing.


    Unlimited Data

    Never worry about exceeding your data allowances again. Binge your favourite films, game, Skype the family and download music.


    Free Standard Installation

    No connection, setup, activation, establishment, upgrading, termination fees. Your first service bill is just your monthly plan fee.


    Enhanced Wireless Network

    nbn® is expanding the reach of the wireless network. Approximately 120,000 Sky Muster homes are now able to upgrade to Wireless Internet for the first time.

    Choose from a selection of great value plans.

      Wireless Basic

      100GB Data


      1st Month FREE

      Wireless Plus

      600GB Data


      1st Month FREE

      Wireless Plus

      Unlimited Data


      1st Month FREE

      For help choosing the best speed tier, see here. For factors affecting speeds, including congestion on the nbn® network, see here.

      *One month free for new customers only.

      Why Skymesh?

      We’re dedicated to helping Australians access better internet from the city to the bush.


      Australian team

      Speak to our Brisbane-based expert team who are on hand 7-days a week, even public holidays, not an overseas call centre.


      Unlimited data

      Do more of what you love without data limits and experience the freedom of unlimited data plan today. Talk to our friendly team about the right plan for you.


      Free setup

      Standard Installations are FREE and there no connection, setup, activation, establishment, upgrading, or termination fees.


      Optional contracts

      If you don’t want to commit long term, you don’t have to. You can always switch to a contract after a few months to benefit from larger anytime and off-peak data allowances at no extra cost.


      BYO wi-fi router friendly

      Bring your own nbn® compatible router or buy a Skymesh plug-n-play router for just $199.99 with FREE shipping. Please note, BYO support is limited and you will need to be comfortable configuring your router.


      15+ years regional experience

      We’ve helped rural Australians access a better internet connection for well over a decade. From building our own wireless networks to helping nbn® commission the latest satellite service.

      Online calls & streaming sports

      “We love the peace and quiet, but we do need to be in touch with the rest of the world”. Meet Rod and Lorraine in Black Mountain (QLD) and hear how they stay connected to family overseas and watch their favourite programs online.”

      Where is Fixed Wireless available? 

      Fixed Wireless technology is typically used outside of urban centres where premises are spread out geographically over many square kilometres.

      What are the setup costs?

      Standard Installations are free and there are no connection, setup or activation fees. Just pay for your chosen monthly plan and Wi-Fi router (if you’re not BYO).

      How does Wireless internet work? 

      An antenna is installed on your roof and connects your premises to the nbn® network via a transmission tower up to 14 km away. Connecting equipment also needs to be installed at the point where the cable from the rooftop antenna enters your premises. 

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      See what’s available at your property

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        Important plan information

        About the technology

        Getting connected

        Factors affecting speed

        • Environmental: overgrown vegetation, new buildings, sun fade, rain fade and severe weather.
        • Hardware: the inherent performance of your computer and other network equipment such as your modem, router or access point; and the length and quality of your cabling.
        • Software: the configuration of your operating system, network stack, online application and network equipment such as your modem, router or access point.
        • Electromagnetic interference: noise from other Wi-Fi networks, faulty power supplies or other faulty equipment may interfere with your own Wi-Fi network, nbn® Fixed Wireless signal.
        • Overutilisation: too many active devices sharing your service can result in your devices being starved of enough bandwidth to operate properly.
        • Congestion: peak traffic in the evenings and Distributed Denial of Service attacks.
        • Faults: equipment failures, backhaul fibre cuts, undersea cable breaks and routing issues can affect the flow of local and international traffic.
        • Content: third-party content servers may only allocate you with a limited amount of bandwidth.
        • Overheads: depending on the network protocols that you use, a percentage of your service bandwidth may be used for the transfer of non-payload data.
        • Incomplete upgrades: nbn co may may not have overdue completed network capacity upgrades in your area.

        Network congestion

        Power outages

        Device compatibility

        Priority assistance

        Switch off

        Special Offer Details

        • For new Skymesh NBN Fixed Wireless services only
          • Your monthly discount is applied at the start of each billing period for no more than 6 consecutive billing periods (Eligible Billing Periods)
          • If you change to another discounted plan before your last Eligible Billing Period:
            • the discount amount will only change at the start of the next Eligible Billing Period, not beforehand
            • you do not receive additional Eligible Billing Periods
          • If you cancel your service or change to a non-discounted plan before your last Eligible Billing Period:
            • you forfeit any upcoming discounts
            • you forfeit your ability to save the full amount possible by keeping your service active for all Eligible Billing Periods
          • Discounts cannot be redeemed for cash.

        Get Skymesh free for 1 month

        Terms Apply

        1-Month FREE available to new customers on select plans. Talk to our team today to learn more and get connected.

        Fixed Wireless nbn®

        What is a fixed wireless nbn® connection?

        The internet is a necessity of the modern age – it’s becoming more common to conduct everything online, from banking and paying bills to staying in touch with the family. The accelerating shift towards virtual transactions has made stable internet connections one of the key utilities in many households.

        When finding the best internet for your needs in rural Australia, you’ve probably spent a lot of time going through the results for Wi-Fi internet service, wireless broadband and internet plans for best-value options on wireless internet.

        Fixed wireless nbn® internet is one such option available in Australia. Initiated back in 2009, the national broadband network (nbn® for short) is the federal effort to connect both rural and metropolitan areas (like Adelaide or Brisbane) through a national telecommunications infrastructure project.

        In a nutshell, it aims to replace the copper-wired telephone system with something more suitable for an internet connection, though the type of service you can get is influence by your location.

        Here’s what it means for you.

        Read more

        Bringing the nbn® to regional Australia

        We’re bringing high-speed internet to your doorstep. Check your address to see which service is available.


        nbn fibre

        Let’s chat

        Our Aussie support team is ready to help out with all new connection enquiries. Give us a shout, we’re here to help.

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          See what’s available at your property