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Business-grade Satellite Internet

Bigger Data Plans + Fast Speeds + Business SLAs

Connect regional hubs back to head office, or connect a standalone rural business. Now with FREE hardware and a professional standard installation*.


Drive business innovation and efficiency

Do More With Bigger Data Plans

Bypass residential Sky Muster™ plan data limits and access huge base plans (up to 1,000GB) and automatic top-ups (100GB each) enabling you to drive efficiency and out-do the competition.

Go Faster and Grow Quicker

Don’t let your internet speed hamper your business growth. Get access to fast and reliable internet speeds to help you grow and thrive with confidence.

Manage Business Risk

Access to the right level of support and assurances for your business, with the right price tag to suit. Choose from three levels of support for callouts and onsite spares.

*FREE Equipment and Installation

Save up to $9,000 in hardware and professional standard installation costs when you order the service before 31st March 2022 on a 12-month contract.

Attract and retain the best remote staff

Attracting and retaining the right staff can be challenging for any business. Make this easier and gain an edge over the competition when it comes to securing and attracting talent by giving your regional workforce the opportunity to:

Stream Netflix

Download music and video

Play computer games*

Skype the family

Access social media

Computer and device updates

Plus anything else your staff might want to do online during their downtime.

Start attracting and retaining the best staff with a business internet connection.

*We can provide guidance which games work best over a satellite service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should my business switch to the Business Satellite Service?

This depends on the size and complexity of your business. For large enterprise businesses operating in rural and remote locations, the business nbn™ Satellite Service can offer faster speeds, substantially more data and business service levels.

Small businesses with less than 20 employees may find that Sky Muster™ Plus will better suits their needs.

How can I check eligibility?

Business nbn™ Satellite Services are designed for enterprise-size businesses, governments and councils located in rural and remote parts of Australia.

The map below will give you a general guide of whether or not your business is located in an area where business nbn™ Satellite Services are offered.

Contact us to fully determine service availability for your business.

What SLAs are available?

There are three tiers of assurance provided by nbn co including; Bronze (default), Silver and Gold.

All three tiers include priority resolution times and modem warranties. Both the Gold and Silver tiers include an immediate modem replacement if that’s what is required during the call out.

What hardware will we need?

nbn co will install a new satellite dish and satellite NTD (modem) for the business nbn™ Satellite Service.

nbn co also offers several hardware options to suit various remote localities and use-cases.

Is my existing Sky Muster™ hardware ok?

You will need specific hardware for the business nbn™ Satellite Service and we can help you figure out the best options for your business size and location.

Are fleet plans and data sharing available?

Data pooling is an optional extra enabling you to share data allowances across multiple business nbn™ Satellite Services which are on the same speed tier.

Do I have to pay for the hardware and installation?

Yes, unlike the residential Sky Muster™ service, business nbn™ satellite services require a paid installation.

There are a variety of options which may include payment plans depending on your particular situation.

How much data can I use?

If you exceed your base plan allowance, top-ups are automatically applied in 100GB increments in lieu of speed limiting the service.

For example, if you choose a 1,000GB base plan and use 1,250GB of data in a month, you will pay for the base plan plus three top-ups.

Business Satellite Coverage


BSS coverage map of Australia

100% mainland coverage via 58 spot beams. 

powered by business nbn

Important Plan Information

The business nbn™ Satellite Service (BSS) is designed to lift the digital capacity of businesses in regional and remote Australia. A satellite dish is installed on your roof and connects your premises to the nbn™ network via one of its satellites in orbit. An nbn™ network termination device is installed where the cable from the roof enters your premises. This device requires power to operate, and can only be installed by an nbn co approved technician.

nbn co will arrange for one of its technicians to install the equipment required to successfully connect your premises to the nbn™ network. Please note that existing Sky Muster™ equipment cannot be used with the business nbn™ Satellite Service.

After we process your application and submit a connect order to nbn co, a service level target will apply depending on your location.  nbn co aims to complete Standard Installations within 17 Business Days of receipt of the connect order. In isolated areas though, nbn co aims to complete them within 22 Business Days. For limited access areas, including those which are only accessible by air or water, nbn co will quote the expected service level.

IP Address Scheme

nbn co allocates each NTD with a public IPv4 address and a private IPv4 address for each requesting router. nbn co will link the private addresses with the public address using Static Network Address Translation. At its discretion, nbn co may change its allocations from time to time.

The speed of your service may be affected by a range of factors:

  • Environmental: overgrown vegetation, new buildings, sun fade, rain fade and severe weather.
  • Hardware: the inherent performance of your computer and other network equipment such as your modem, router or access point; and the length and quality of your cabling.
  • Software: the configuration of your operating system, network stack, online application and network equipment such as your modem, router or access point.
  • Electromagnetic interference: noise from other Wi-Fi networks, faulty power supplies or other faulty equipment may interfere with your own Wi-Fi network or the business nbn™ Satellite Service signal.
  • Overutilisation: too many active devices sharing your service can result in your devices being starved of enough bandwidth to operate properly.
  • Congestion: peak traffic in the evenings and Distributed Denial of Service attacks.
  • Faults: equipment failures, backhaul fibre cuts, undersea cable breaks and routing issues can affect the flow of local and international traffic.
  • Content: third-party content servers may only allocate you with a limited amount of bandwidth.
  • Overheads: depending on the network protocols that you use, a percentage of your service bandwidth may be used for the transfer of non-payload data.

Please note that the actual effect of all of these factors on your service may not be ascertained until after the service is activated.

The service is designed for retail, business-grade broadband services utilising satellite technology as well as other services that support the business, enterprise and government segments in Australia. Since capacity on the BSS Network is finite, nbn co has a fair-use policy in place in order to help ensure fair access to it.

Services must not be used to interfere with another customers’ use of their service; in a way which nbn co considers excessive; prioritise traffic on the BSS network not intended to be prioritised by the VoIP Prioritisation feature.

nbn co does not offer a battery backup service for end-users on the BSS network. Therefore, during mains power disruptions, you will not be able to use your service or make emergency phone calls with it.

We strongly recommended that you always ensure you have the ability to make emergency phone calls. Depending on reception, keeping a charged mobile phone close by may be one way of maintaining that ability.

The rollout of the nbn™ network involves new technologies. Some of your existing devices may rely on legacy technologies and may not work with the technology that nbn co chose to roll out in your area.

It’s important to contact each device provider to discuss your needs and find out whether your devices can be migrated to the nbn™ network and, if not, what alternatives may be available.

SkyMesh does not provide support or compatibility information for specialised devices and services such as: medical alarms, autodiallers and emergency call buttons; monitored fire alarms; security monitoring systems; teletypewriter devices and EFTPOS terminals.

If you use a medical alarm, we recommend that you register it on nbn co’s website.

If you need standard telephone service but have a life-threatening medical condition, or live with someone that does, please seek a provider that can offer you a service with Priority Assistance. No Sky Muster™, Sky Muster™ Plus or business nbn™ Satellite Service supports Priority Assistance. SkyMesh does not offer standard telephone services with Priority Assistance but you can obtain such a service from Telstra Corporation Limited.

The legacy copper network will not be switched off due to the rollout of the BSS network. However, it is still possible that your existing phone or broadband provider will switch off its network in your area due to other reasons.

Customers in areas serviced satellite generally have the choice to keep their existing landline phone service  over the copper network active, or switch over to a voice service on the BSS network. Please note that although voice services are not bundled with our broadband services, they can be purchased separately.

See nbn co’s website at for more information about the switch off.

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