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Multi-Award-Winning Sky Muster® Satellite Internet

Access fast, reliable, unlimited data internet from just $64.95/mo with FREE setup, FREE standard installation and Aussie support. Get Skymesh FREE for 1-Month. Terms apply.

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    Sky Muster® satellite internet


    Unlimited data plans

    Do more of the things you love online without worrying about data caps. Talk to our team to learn more about our unlimited data plans or refer to the ‘Fair Use Policy’ section in the plans Critical Information Summary. 


    Fast speeds

    Sky Muster® satellite capacity and usage is carefully managed by both nbn® and Skymesh to ensure consistent, reliable, fast speeds for our customers.


    Reliable internet

    Sky Muster® satellite is not reliant on old legacy copper in the ground, unlike Dial-up or ADSL services which can negatively impact speeds. Once the service is installed, you have reliable, fast internet at your home.


    Free standard installation

    Standard installations are FREE and there are no setup or activation fees. Your first service bill is just your monthly plan fee which starts at $59.95 per month.

    Great value unlimited data plans

    Join nbn’s #1 Sky Muster Satellite provider today.


      Unlimited Data

      Fair Use Applies


      1st Month FREE

      Up to 25Mbps Download

      Dedicated IP $7.95/mo extra


      Unlimited Data

      Fair Use Applies


      1st Month FREE

      Up to 50Mbps Download

      Dedicated IP $7.95/mo extra


      Unlimited Data

      Fair Use Applies


      1st Month FREE

      Up to 100Mbps Download

      Dedicated IP $7.95/mo extra

      Special Price

      Get Skymesh FREE for 1-Month. Terms apply.
      1-Month FREE available for new customers only on select plans.

      Multi-award-winning plans

      Winning 5 Whistleout awards back-to-back is testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable internet services to regional and rural Australia.

      Why Skymesh?

      We’re 100% dedicated to helping regional Australians access better internet at home or work.


      #1 Sky Muster® Provider

      More Australians eligible for Sky Muster® service have chosen and continue to chose Skymesh than any other satellite provider. That says it all.


      Australian team

      Speak to our Brisbane-based team of regional internet experts who are on hand 7-days a week, even public holidays, not an overseas call centre as with some providers.


      FREE Standard Installation

      Standard Installations are FREE and there are no connection, setup, activation, establishment, upgrading, or termination fees.



      We are the only Australian internet service provider to win five back to back WhistleOut awards as Best Satellite nbn® Provider. Winning this award five years running says it all.


      BYO wi-fi router friendly

      Bring your own nbn® compatible router or buy a Skymesh plug-n-play router for just $199.99 with FREE shipping. Please note, BYO support is limited and you will need to be comfortable configuring your router.


      15+ years regional experience

      We’ve helped rural Australians access a better internet connection for well over a decade. From building our own wireless networks to helping nbn® commission the latest satellite service.

      Tree-change to Coominya

      Meet Simon and Emily, who decided to ditch city life and buy their own piece of paradise. Hear how they rely heavily on internet-based services to adapt to country life and how Simon is able to run his successful digital marketing business from the bush.

      Where is Sky Muster® available?

      The Sky Muster® internet service is nbn’s two billion dollar connectivity commitment for those hard to reach remote locations.

      It’s the perfect solution for country towns, islands, and the outback. In short, any regional location outside of major cities which has been allocated the service as part of the nbn rollout.

      How does Satellite Internet Work?

      Ten ground stations across Australia beam internet to two state-of-the-art-satellites out in space, which in turn, beam down connectivity to regional and remote homes that are connected to the service via an installed FREE satellite dish.

      What are the setup costs?

      Standard Installations are free and there are no connection, setup, activation fees. An optional Wi-Fi router can be ordered alongside your internet service.

      What is the wait time for the FREE installation?

      Depending on your location, nbn co aims to complete all standard installations within 20 business days of Skymesh processing your order.

      How is the Sky Muster® Plus service different?

      Our three new Skymesh Ultra plans, which are powered by nbn Sky Muster® Plus, all data usage 24/7 is uncapped subject to nbn’s fair use policy.

      Can I migrate between Sky Muster® and Sky Muster® Plus?

      Sky Muster® Plus services use the same hardware but are managed by nbn co on a calendar-month basis and are supplied on different terms. You can migrate each way between these services but your billing day may change and a new application may be required.

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        Important plan information

        About the technology

        Getting connected

        nbn co’s New Developments Charge

        In line with the Australian Government’s Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments Policy, nbn co implemented the New Developments Charge on 2 April 2016. A premise identified by nbn co as a New Development Location is subject to nbn co’s once-off New Developments Charge if the premises has never had an active nbn® service. Despite its name, the New Developments Charge also applies to New Development Locations that were built years ago. It even applies to premises where nbn co has already installed the equipment necessary to connect the premises to the nbn® network.

        The New Developments Charge does not apply if there has been already been an active nbn® service connected at the premises, and it doesn’t apply if the premises hasn’t been identified by nbn co as a New Development Location.

        IP Address Scheme for Sky Muster®

        Skymesh allocates each service with a public IPv4 address. Allocations are static but we reserve the right to change them from time to time, including during monthly CVC migrations that may be required to comply with nbn co’s Fair Use Policy.

        IP Address Scheme for Sky Muster® Plus

        For each new service, nbn co allocates a public IPv4 address and a private IPv4 address for each requesting router. nbn co links the public address with each private address using Public Dynamic Network Address Translation (NAT) Overload.

        From time to time, and at its own discretion, nbn co may change the public address allocated to each service.

        Factors affecting speed

        • Environmental: overgrown vegetation, new buildings, sun fade, rain fade and severe weather.
        • Hardware: the inherent performance of your computer and other network equipment such as your modem, router or access point; and the length and quality of your cabling.
        • Software: the configuration of your operating system, network stack, online application and network equipment such as your modem, router or access point.
        • Electromagnetic interference: noise from other Wi-Fi networks, faulty power supplies or other faulty equipment may interfere with your own Wi-Fi network or the Sky Muster® signal.
        • Overutilisation: too many active devices sharing your service can result in your devices being starved of enough bandwidth to operate properly.
        • Congestion: peak traffic in the evenings and Distributed Denial of Service attacks.
        • Faults: equipment failures, backhaul fibre cuts, undersea cable breaks and routing issues can affect the flow of local and international traffic.
        • Content: third-party content servers may only allocate you with a limited amount of bandwidth.
        • Overheads: depending on the network protocols that you use, a percentage of your service bandwidth may be used for the transfer of non-payload data.

        Please note that the actual effect of all of these factors on your service may not be ascertained until after the service is activated.

        Sky Muster® Shaping Policy

        If you exceed your Anytime (Normal) Data Allowance during a Billing Period, your service will be speed limited (shaped) for the remainder of that Billing Period, except during Off Peak Hours if you have remaining Off Peak (Bonus) Data available. Shaping affects all network traffic.

        Shaped services are speed limited to less than 256/256 kbps except for plans with Basic Evening Speed or Standard Evening Speed which are reduced to less than 128/128 kbps instead. Shaping and unshaping does not occur instantaneously and may take over an hour to be effected by our systems.

        The start of metering for Peak Hours and the start of metering for Off-peak Hours is not instantaneous. These metering transitions usually take less than 30 minutes but are performed on a best-effort basis only.

        We do not charge for Excess Data Usage.

        Sky Muster® Plus Shaping Policy

        Your network traffic is profiled and speed limited (shaped) by nbn co according to its shaping policy and traffic profiles.

        For plans with a data allowance, if you exceed your Peak Data Allowance, Metered Content will be shaped to less than 512/256 kbps during Peak Hours until the end of the calendar month.

        The traffic profiles and shaping policy are governed by nbn co, not Skymesh, and the policy may change from time to time. nbn co may start shaping Traffic Profile 2 (peer-to-peer; cloud storage; software, gaming and operating system updates; and other application-related data that nbn co cannot identify) to 256 kbps.

        Peak Hours and Off-Peak Hours are defined by nbn co and apply to the time zone in which your service is located.

        Network congestion

        Power outages

        Device compatibility

        Priority assistance

        Switch off

        Data Blocks

        Online Gaming

        Get Skymesh free for 1 month

        Terms Apply

        1-Month FREE available to new customers on select plans. Talk to our team today to learn more and get connected.

        Satellite internet

        Satellite internet is sitting at the vanguard of the future of internet connectivity. As we move further away from wired connections, satellite internet connections are now speeding up, figuratively and literally, in terms of bandwidth and accessibility.

        Unlike the more urban-access alternatives such as Wi-Fi or wireless broadband, a satellite internet service uses heavy-duty equipment, like a satellite dish, to establish a connection. This has the potential – and in all likelihood, the probability – of overtaking even wired or cabled internet services in the future.

        What if we told you that despite its seemingly stationary setup, a home satellite internet connection is actually a solid choice, depending on where you live?

        Let’s talk about it.

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        We’re bringing high-speed internet to your doorstep. Check your address to see which service is available.

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