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Had enough of city life and the rat race? You’re not alone. More and more people over recent years have called time on their daily commutes and the standard 9 to 5, instead opting for a more relaxed off-grid lifestyle.

Simply put, living off-the-grid refers to homes that are not using or dependent on public utilities, specifically the supply of electricity, which can have some big financial advantages as this can be sourced via solar power instead, reducing work commitments while continuing to power home comforts, such as hot water or internet.

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    I have solar power, what are my off-grid internet options?

    In our experience, the most reliable solution is nbn® Sky Muster® satellite internet which was funded to connect the hard-to-reach locations across Australia and now has 100,000+ properties installed.

    The Sky Muster internet service is nbn’s two billion dollar connectivity commitment for those hard-to-reach remote locations. It’s the perfect solution for country towns, islands, and off-grid living.

    How does Satellite Internet work?

    Ten ground stations across Australia beam internet to two state-of-the-art satellites out in space, which in turn, beam down connectivity to rural and remote homes that are connected to the service via an installed satellite dish.

    Satellite dish installations are free and arranged as part of your order by Skymesh.

    If you live off-grid and are in the process of arranging an installation, it’s important to confirm your home’s power supply and if it’s AC or DC. Mains-powered homes are AC and solar power is DC.

    Is the Sky Muster® service reliable?  

    We have plenty of customers using the service at their off-grid properties and they seem amazed by how well it works. But don’t just take our word for it.

    Meet Chris and his sons, Fletcher and Flynn, as they explain what off-grid living is like in Tasmania. Hear how the Sky Muster® rural internet service, powered by Skymesh, enables them to live off-grid while staying connected to the city for work.


    Chris: Sky Muster Off-Grid Fan

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    Living off-grid in Lacey’s Creek (QLD), hear how the Sky Muster® service has helped Scott run his electrical business and his wife train to become an enrolled nurse. If you’re after advice or assistance on setting up an off-grid solar system in Queensland, Scott’s definitely worth chatting to.


    Running a Business Off-Grid in QLD

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    What is the power consumption of a satellite internet system?

    The DC model power supply uses 30 Watts on Standby and 70 Watts in use. If using a 12-volt power system that translates into 2.5 Amps in Standby and 6 Amps while in use.

    I’m interested. Next steps?

    If you live or are planning on buying an off-grid property, you’ll definitely be eligible for nbn® satellite internet. If your address is found in our address checker, you can select a plan and order the service right now.

    If you can’t find your address via the checker, it will be missing from nbn’s satellite database. If this is the case, we can raise this with nbn® on your behalf, just submit your details here. It’s a free service and we’ll happily answer any other questions you have around satellite internet power usage and setup.

    Living off the grid in Australia no longer means travelling back in time and missing out on modern life’s creature comforts. Based on the conversations I’ve had with the customers I’ve met, they felt truly liberated and haven’t looked back. If you’re thinking about making the change, go for it, safe in the knowledge that you’ll continue to have access to a reliable internet connection.

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