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Using data on Sky Muster® can be challenging, especially during peak hours. Here are three tips to help you maximize your off-peak data.

What is Off-Peak Data?

Off-peak data is the extra data you can use between 1 AM and 7 AM in your local time zone. There’s more off-peak data because fewer people are using the network during these hours, so there’s more bandwidth available.

Why Off-Peak Data?

Sky Muster® limits peak data to 150GB every 4 weeks. However, you can get up to 300GB in total data during this period, which means more off-peak data is included in your plan.

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    1: Download Managers

    Download managers can help you schedule large downloads, like movies and software updates, to occur during off-peak hours. These tools save the download link and start downloading the file during off-peak times.

    We recommend these Download Managers:

    2: Updates

    Updates can use a lot of data but are essential for keeping your devices secure and running smoothly. Most operating systems let you schedule updates for later, so set them to occur during off-peak hours.

    Popular operating systems:

    3: Sync Cloud-based applications

    Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive can sync your files during off-peak hours. This way, you can save your peak data for other activities.

    Upgrade to unlimited data plans

    If you need more data and speed, consider upgrading to unlimited data plans (Ultra).

    Choosing the Right Plan: When selecting a plan, consider your speed and data needs.


    • nbn® 12 (up to 12/1 Mbps): Great for browsing and emails.
    • nbn® 25 (up to 25/5 Mbps): Ideal for streaming and fast browsing.

    Data Needs: Estimate your data usage:

    • Web Browsing: 2 MB per page
    • Email: 50 kB per text email
    • Music: 144 MB per hour
    • Movies: 4 GB per HD movie
    • Music Streaming: 100 MB per hour of HD content

    For more information or assistance, feel free to contact the Skymesh customer engagement team on 1300 759 637.

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      See what’s available at your property