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New reimagined Sky Muster™ Plus service plans: Order now

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Rural Australian satellite Internet users now have the most online freedom they’ve ever had.

The brand-new version of Sky Muster™ Plus service was launched officially on 1 April 2020 (no joke, we promise!) with unmetered usage for just about everything except video streaming.

However, there is some very good news on the video streaming front: social media videos appearing on platforms like Facebook, Snap Chat and Instagram will remain unmetered.

This means your data plan is wholly dedicated to running Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) if you need to, and streaming videos from platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Stan and the various free-to-air catch-up options available.

You just might never run out of data again with the reimagined Sky Muster™ Plus service.

Not convinced? Check out these data use scenarios

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re all practising social distancing and it can get more than a little isolating in the process.

Fancy calling all your UK-based family and friends on FaceTime from your worker’ cottage in Callignee?

No problem. Not metered.

Want to download the latest updates for Divinity Original Sin 2 from your cosy bungalow in the Snowy Mountains?

No problem. Not metered.

Working from home now and need to upload huge client files from your property in Gunns Plains?

Still no problem. Not metered.

Perhaps you’re hanging out on the family farm in Emerald completing your Bachelor of Agriculture. You might need to download course material and upload assessments.

Definitely no problem. Not metered.

There’s plenty of data for all the kids’ schoolwork.

There’s all the data you’ll ever need.

This time around, Sky Muster™ Plus has you covered.

With unmetered usage for just about everything, the new Sky Muster ™ Plus service plans are essentially dedicated streaming plans.

Customers are far less reliant on tools, such as PlayOn, to schedule their downloads for off-peak times now that there is so much data available.

And if by chance you do manage to max out your video streaming data adhoc data-block top-ups will be available from mid-May 2020 in 1GB increments (if you purchase a 1GB data block you’ll get 1GB of data during peak hours and 1GB of data during off-peak hours).

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Who will benefit most from the changes to Sky Muster™ Plus?

Anyone whose online life (real or desired) requires a large amount of data usage will benefit from the recent Sky Muster™ Plus changes.

*Remember, video streaming and VPN traffic is NOT included in unmetered data with these new plans.

Here’s just a few groups of people who might like to take a closer look at what’s on offer:

  • People working from home
  • Students
  • Online gamers
  • Large families with lots of Internet users
  • People who want to stay in touch with friends and family overseas.

A few things you need to know

1.    Free set-up and reactivation for those previously connected to the Sky Muster™ network

If you’ve previously been connected to the Sky Muster™ network and disconnected for any reason, now is the perfect time to give Sky Muster™ Plus a go. If you already have the equipment installed (a network router, and satellite modem and dish), you should be good to go, and fast. We can supply a router if you don’t have one.

Give us a call on 1300 759 637 to discuss and if you’ve got everything you need, set-up and reactivation will be FREE.

2.   Existing Sky Muster™ Plus will get the newly unmetered data automatically

Good news! If you’re already a Sky Muster™ Plus customer, you’ll get the new unmetered data applied automatically to your account when it becomes available on the 1st April.

You’ll also be able to easily change your plan in your online SkyMesh account once you see how much data you really need for video streaming and VPN use.

3.   VPNs are metered

If you’re working from home on a VPN (virtual private network) you’ll need to make sure you disconnect from it to access your unmetered data.

You can still keep your VPN use for all the secure work you need to do from one computer/device while working from home online.

If you apply a VPN to your router, every device that connects to your home network will be metered while online.

So remember, to benefit from unmetered data, just keep your VPN isolated to your work device and always disconnect it for video conferences, voice calls and general browsing.

4. While video streaming is metered, video conferencing, WiFi calling, and education platforms are NOT

So as long as you’re not connected to a VPN as we mentioned above, video conferencing, WiFi calling and many popular remote schooling programs like Blackboard are unmetered.

This makes the new Sky Muster™ Plus service perfect for people working and studying from home.

Connect to the reimagined Sky Muster™ Plus today

get all the data you need

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