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So you already have an ADSL modem router and you’re wondering if you use it for a new nbn® fixed wireless or Sky Muster® service.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to use your ADSL modem when you make the switch but, there’s a simple explanation for this.

The nbn® supplied network termination device (NTD) already has a built-in modem.

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    Can I use my own ADSL modem router?

    If you’re a rural Australian, there’s a big chance the only nbn® rollout technologies available in your area are fixed wireless or satellite.

    The network termination devices (NTDs) for both fixed wireless and Sky Muster® already include a built-in modem and are installed for free by nbn® as part of each Standard Installation.

    It’s at this point you will only need to plug in a suitable router and off you go traversing the internet. Happy days.

    There is a chance you can use your own modem router if the one you have includes an Ethernet WAN port.

    Not all of them have that though.

    If you’re lucky enough to have a modem router with an Ethernet WAN port, you may be able to reconfigure it for use with your nbn® fixed wireless or satellite connection.

    Unfortunately, if your current modem router doesn’t have the necessary Ethernet WAN port, you will need to buy an Ethernet router before you can use your new nbn® connection.

    How do I reconfigure my existing modem router for nbn® fixed wireless/satellite?

    If you previously purchased your modem router from Skymesh we can help you reconfigure it for your new nbn® service.

    If you didn’t get your device through us however, or you’re not comfortable reconfiguring it yourself, it may be easier for you to buy a pre-configured router.

    Need a preconfigured router? Check out our selection
    *only available for Skymesh customers

    What is the difference between a modem and a router?

    A modem is like a universal translator that helps your home computer network to communicate seamlessly over the nbn® network.

    A router on the other hand is more like a traffic cop, directing Internet traffic to the correct device on your home network.


    Ever been on an overseas holiday and gone on a tour with a translator?

    You do this because you speak one language, and the people in the country you’re visiting speak a different one, right?

    Your translator makes communication happen smoothly, so you have a great visit abroad.

    A modem does precisely the same thing with all the components that make up your home computer network, enabling you to connect to the internet via the nbn® network.

    Your home network speaks a different digital language to the fixed wireless and Sky Muster® networks, but the modem is their universal translator making communication seamless.


    Your router is directly connected to the NTD.

    Just as you would expect by the name, its job is to route traffic from the internet to the correct device on your home network.

    Your network may include computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, smart TVs, Google Home, pet cameras and much more. All these devices are connected to the internet via your router.

    Wondering what to do with an old ADSL modem?

    When you no longer need your old modem, you’re bound to find somewhere you can recycle it on the Planet Ark, Recycling Near You, website.

    Thinking of switching to nbn® fixed wireless or satellite internet?
    See what’s available where you live.

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