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Big Changes Coming For Sky Muster Plus

Sky Muster Plus has been a game-changer for rural Australia and it’s set to get even better!

What is changing?

Starting in July 2022, only video streaming and VPN use between 4pm and midnight will be metered and deducted from your peak data allowance.

Everything else will be unmetered. Unmetered off-peak hours will be extended to sixteen hours a day between midnight and 4pm. Currently, the off-peak window is limited to six hours a day between 1am-7am.

Video streaming & VPN use will no longer be metered during these extended off-peak hours.

As a result, any and all internet usage during off-peak hours will be unmetered.

Since everything is unmetered during off-peak hours, off-peak data allowances are no longer needed and will disappear.

To improve the customer experience on the Sky Muster Plus service, protection against excessive peer-to-peer and software updates will be expanded to full time as well.

SkyMesh will email customers to confirm when these changes have come into effect.


nbn estimates that on average 80% of data used on Sky Muster Plus will now be unmetered.
What do I need to do to access the changes? 

In short, nothing.

The changes will automatically be applied to any Sky Muster Plus service at no extra cost.

The exact date for this is yet to be confirmed by nbn but it is expected to be July 2022 at the very latest.

You do not need to contact SkyMesh to request these changes.

“Being able to access more data at no extra cost is a great step forward. The evolution of the service is something SkyMesh fully supports. We look forward to continuing our work with nbn to help reduce the digital divide between metro and regional Australia.”
Stephen O’Shanassy  – SkyMesh MD
Barney Lassen
Written by Barney Lassen

Originally from Oxford (UK), Barney's headed up the Marketing team since 2016. Outside of work, you might catch him down his local swimming pool or walking his very-good-girl, Macey.

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