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Skymesh Ultra100, powered by nbn® Sky Muster® Plus, is our first satellite plan with burst download speeds of up to 100Mbps.

What does it mean? *

This 25/5Mbps plan, allows you a burst up to 100Mbps.

These speeds are achieved through Supplementary Burst, which exceeds the standard access rates of 25/5 if network capacity permits.

However, it’s important to understand that burst speeds are subject to network conditions and equipment specifications. Your actual experience can vary depending on many factors including distance, interference from other Wi-Fi networks, network configuration, network usage, and faulty or misconfigured equipment.

To achieve the best possible burst speeds we’ll give you some helpful tips and recommendations.

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    How to boost the router performance?

    One simple way to improve your internet speeds is by power cycling your modem and Wi-Fi router. This helps clear the internal memory and gives them a fresh start, resolving any tasks that may have been slowing them down.

    1. Unplug the power cables from your NBN modem and Wi-Fi router.
    2. Wait for 30 seconds to allow the devices to fully power down.
    3. Plug the power cables back in and wait for a couple of minutes for the devices to restart and establish a connection.

    The frequency of power cycling your NBN modem and Wi-Fi router can vary from device to device. We recommend restarting your Wi-Fi router every so often (once every one or two months) can help maintain the reliability of your home network. Rebooting your router cleans out the device’s cache to keep it running more smoothly.

    How to improve the Wi-Fi range and signal strength?

    The range and signal strength of your Wi-Fi network are essential factors in determining the performance of your internet connection.

    Distance between your Wi-Fi router and your device plays a crucial role in signal strength. The further you are from the router, the weaker the signal becomes. To improve range and signal strength, position your router in a central location within your home, minimising obstacles like walls and furniture that can hinder the signal’s reach.

    Interference from other devices can disrupt your Wi-Fi signal as well. Devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, and neighboring networks operating on the same channel can cause interference. To mitigate this, consider keeping your router away from electronic devices.

    Physical barriers, such as walls, floors, and large furniture can impact too. These obstacles can weaken the Wi-Fi signal, especially when they are made of materials that are known to interfere with wireless signals, like concrete or metal. Positioning your router away from these barriers and ensuring a clear line of sight between the router and your devices improve signal strength.

    If you have a larger home or areas with weak Wi-Fi coverage, you may consider a Wi-Fi extender. These devices can extend the reach of your Wi-Fi network and improve signal strength in areas that are far from the router. Wi-Fi extenders receive the existing Wi-Fi signal and amplify it, effectively expanding coverage.

    Wi-Fi Bands: Avoid using both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands simultaneously on your devices as they might conflict and switch repeatedly. Opt for 2.4GHz, offering better range, while 5GHz suits newer devices with higher speed. Remember, you can forget the 5GHz network to ensure smoother connections.

    By optimising your Wi-Fi range and signal strength, you can ensure a more reliable and efficient internet connection throughout your home.

    How to check your real internet speeds?

    You can check if your issue is related to the router or the internet speeds by bypassing it:

    1. Disconnect the internet cable from your router
    2.  Connect it directly in your device

    If your device goes online, then the issue is likely related to your router. If the device still cannot access the internet, contact our support team on 1300 759 637 to open a ticket and investigate further.

    Running speed tests while bypassing the router allows you to have a precise internet speeds. If you have a Skymesh Ultra plan use nbn website to run your speed test.

    Consider buying a new router to get better speeds

    Upgrading to a new router can greatly improve your Wi-Fi network’s performance and coverage. New Skymesh routers are suitable for all NBN service types (Sky Muster, Fixed Wireless, FTTH, FTTC, HFC, FTTN and FTTB)  with faster speeds and stronger coverage, as the NF20Mesh and Tenda V12.

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    Make managing your Skymesh account easy. Download our app today which is available for both iOS and Android.

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    See what’s available at your property

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      See what’s available at your property