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How to perform a power cycle

If your service is offline, power cycling your devices is a great first step to your regaining internet connection.

What is a power cycle?

A power cycle is simply just turning the device off and back on.

Steps to power cycling  your Sky Muster™ connection:

Turn off both the nbn™ box (NTD) and your wireless router.

We recommend waiting at least 5 minutes.

Turn the nbn™ box (NTD) back on.

After waiting another minute, turn on your wireless router.

Please note, it can take between 5 minutes and 30 minutes to restore the connection.

A diagram showing the setup of an internet connection: An NBN NTD device is connected to a power outlet and a router. The router has four ports labeled from left to right - "nspprion," "ethenet," "scaned," and "al." An icon indicates a Wi-Fi signal from the router.

If you are unable to connect – please try powering down your NTD (NBN modem on the wall), WiFi router, computers, tablets, phones and smart TV’s for 30 minutes and then powering them back up again.

Please check that they are completely shut down and not just in sleep/standby mode.

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