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      Telstra Satellite Internet

      If you’ve been familiarising yourself with online connectivity offers for rural areas, then you’ve most likely heard about Telstra Fixed Wireless and Telstra satellite internet.

      While the first satellite internet providers you come across could give you enticing deals, it’s still best practice to research extensively and make an internet plan comparison to secure the most suitable data allowance and terms for your specific needs

      For that reason, you can take a few short minutes to consider Skymesh, a Brisbane-based team that boasts incredible features and has connected more regional Australians to the nbn Satellite service than any other provider.

      Check us out to see if our nbn® Fixed Wireless or satellite internet coverage and competitive rates are appropriate for your situation.

      What is the best Telstra satellite internet plan?

      When it comes to Telstra satellite internet, the best plan would depend on your personal or business use case. For instance, there are satellite services that can be used by homes for general surfing, and they also include a home phone service. Additionally, for enterprises, larger-scale options for Telstra satellite services are available.

      Telstra has also partnered with Starlink for residential connections, utilising low-orbit satellites to bring internet to your premises. This can give way to activities like video streaming, online voice calls, gaming, and more.

      Similarly, Skymesh recognises the opportunities brought by this advanced technology, and that’s why we are now also an authorised reseller of Starlink business internet.

      However, we’re proud to focus on business plans, including fixed site, mobility, and even maritime connections. This way, enterprises of different sizes can make use of this SpaceX-engineered satellite internet for important operational requirements as well as communication and navigation purposes.

      Skymesh satellite internet through nbn

      With Skymesh, you can secure similar deals – whether you’re looking for an nbn home satellite option or perhaps an nbn business satellite option. Here are the two main Skymesh satellite plans our clients have been enjoying:

      • Sky Muster® plan. Our Sky Muster plan is an excellent capped solution with both anytime and off-peak allowance. You even get to choose between Basic Evening Speed and Standard Evening Speed to match your budget or data usage
      • Sky Muster® Plus plan. Looking for a reliable unmetered solution? If that’s the case, you can use our Sky Muster Plus plan for all sorts of online activities, including audio streaming and social media browsing. Only video and VPN use between 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. is capped.

      Once you’ve seen our benefits against Telstra satellite internet and other options, visit our site and type in your address on our coverage checker. This way, you can easily find out if our nbn satellite coverage reaches your premises.

      Is satellite internet faster than the average?

      Skymesh satellite internet plans, Telstra satellite internet plans, and other comparable plans are faster than certain types of network connections. To give you a better idea, satellite internet access has higher download and upload speeds when compared to DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and dial-up arrangements.

      Apart from satellite internet, nbn Fixed Wireless connections are also faster compared to DSL. Provided that your area allows for it, you can be given a wireless broadband connection from our team at Skymesh. For this to happen, it would mean that your location must be no more than 14 kilometres from one of our fixed wireless transmission towers.

      Regional internet options Australia – satellite vs. wireless broadband

      When making an internet plans comparison between satellite and wireless broadband, the latter generally offers lower latency or transmission time, which provides better responsiveness. It uses nearby antennas attached to highly elevated points. As such, high-speed 3G, 4G, or even 5G signals are transmitted through the line of sight between the antennas.

      On the other hand, satellite internet plans would still transfer your data at respectable speeds and may be better suited for different types of terrain due to the line of sight aspect.

      Consider applying at Skymesh and take advantage of our address search tool to see if we can give you satellite internet access or wireless broadband internet access.

      Who is satellite internet best for?

      As mentioned, nbn satellite plans work well for Australians who currently reside in rural, remote, or regional areas. In these places, it can be difficult to get a hold of other internet types, as fibre cables and lengthy phone landline wires may not be able to extend that far out.

      That’s why it comes as no surprise that a lot of people look for Skymesh satellite internet, Telstra satellite internet, and other similar offers if they live in far corners where reception can barely be received. Ultimately, the nature of this internet type is simply more far-reaching as the satellites orbiting the earth provide much wider coverage.

      So if you’re within our service area, you should definitely think about applying as we have a range of benefits you can enjoy. Join us today and experience a 100% free standard setup with no connection charges, activation costs, or even upgrading fees. Feel free to speak to our Brisbane-based client support team if you have any concerns.

      Breaking down barriers with SkymeshBreaking down barriers with Skymesh

      It goes without saying that practically everything happens online nowadays. However, there are still people asking, ‘What internet is available at my address?’ and searching ‘internet provider in my area’ or ‘best internet provider in my area‘ as some peripheral corners in Australia still don’t have reliable connectivity.

      Our Skymesh plans seek to offer reliable connections to everyone within our coverage. In fact, since we’re considered the top nbn provider for specialised rural internet, you can rest assured that we know the ins and outs of the satellite communication service industry.

      Check your address now and begin your application today at Skymesh.

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