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About nbn® Sky Muster®

What is nbn® Sky Muster®?

Sky Muster uses two satellites to deliver internet to places where other technologies are not available. These satellites cover the whole of Australia, ensuring even the most isolated areas can get online.

Installation Process

Getting connected to Sky Muster® with us is simple:

  1. Check Availability: Make sure Sky Muster is available in your area. Check your address here.
  2. Choose a Plan: Pick an internet plan that suits your needs here.
  3. Book an Installation: if nbn® is not installed at your house, nbn® will contact the closest technician with all the necessary equipment, free costs.
  4. Prepare for Installation: The technician will install a satellite dish on your roof or an outside wall. The technician will set up a connection box inside your home, which links to the satellite dish. Cables will be run from the dish to the connection box.
  5. Post-Installation: After the installation, the technician will test everything to make sure it works. Your internet provider will give you information on how to set up your home network.

Prepare for Installation

  1. Equipment Installation: The technician will install an outdoor dish on your property, usually on the roof or a pole.
  2. Indoor Equipment: Inside your home, they will install an nbn® connection box, known as NTD, which connects to the outdoor dish and your router or modem.
  3. Cabling: The installation may require running cables from the outdoor antenna to the connection box inside your premises.
  4. Testing and Setup: After installing the equipment, the technician will test the connection to ensure everything is working correctly. They will also provide you with information on how to set up and use your new internet service.

Helpful Guides

Here are some useful guides to help you with your Sky Muster service:

Are You Offline?

If you are currently offline and seeking immediate help to restore your nbn® Sky Muster® connection, check our step-by-step guide here.

Understand your nbn® NTD Lights

The lights on your nbn® NTD tell you if your internet is working or if something is wrong. Learn what each light means here.

What to Expect from Your Internet Speed

Understand your Sky Muster Data Speeds here.

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