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Landline FAQs

What is SkyMesh Phone?

SkyMesh Phone is a landline telephone service that uses the same copper telephone network most Australians already have at their home or business. By bundling your SkyMesh Phone service with your SkyMesh broadband service, you’ll receive great call rates, and you’ll save $10 each month on your SkyMesh broadband service.

How good is the call quality?

Your call quality will be exactly the same as you experience now on your landline phone, because no changes are made at your home or on the copper network. The difference you’ll notice is that your line rental and call charges will appear on your SkyMesh account, along with a $10 monthly discount off your SkyMesh broadband service.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

No, there is no long-term contract with SkyMesh Phone and no minimum term. If you decide to change providers in the future, your chosen carrier will make arrangements to transfer your phone line. We are happy to remain as your broadband provider however you will lose the benefits of bundling your SkyMesh broadband with your phone service, including your $10 monthly discount.

How do I apply for SkyMesh Phone?

If you’re a regular visitor to My SkyMesh, you’ll see a “Begin Sign-up” button under the Phone tab. To login, use your SkyMesh email address and your password. If you don’t remember your password, use the password recovery feature, or call us for help. Do I keep the same phone number?

Do I keep the same phone number?

Yes, you do. There won’t even be an interruption to your telephone service during the move, it’s just a change of billing arrangements.

Do I need to cancel with my current carrier?

No, that will cancel your telephone service and you’ll then need to apply for your landline to be reconnected, and you’ll probably lose your existing phone number. All you need to do is apply online in My SkyMesh and we’ll make arrangements with your existing carrier to move your landline service to SkyMesh.

Can I bundle more than one telephone line?

Yes, you can, and you’ll get great call rates on each landline bundled, however, there is only one $10 discount per month regardless of the number of lines you bundle with your SkyMesh broadband service.

Can I bundle my mobile phone?

SkyMesh Phone is a landline service. We don’t currently offer mobile phone services. If you currently have your mobile phone and your landline bundled with your existing carrier, you may not find a financial advantage in moving your landline to SkyMesh.

How long does it take to move my phone line to SkyMesh?

It usually takes two working days for an existing phone service to be transferred to SkyMesh, plus a few extra days for any international components. Once your transfer is completed, you’ll see your phone service listed under the Services tab in My SkyMesh. Your existing carrier will send you your final account in due course.

How do I report a problem with my phone line?

You can call the SkyMesh help desk on 1300 759 637 between the hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Friday and between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekends and public holidays (AEST). You can also email your request at any time to or send an SMS to 0458 759 637. SkyMesh Phone uses the Telstra copper network and any line faults are repaired by Telstra technicians.

How reliable is the SkyMesh Phone Service?

Because SkyMesh Phone uses the same Telstra copper network that most Australians use, you can expect the same reliability and integrity as the phone services you have used in the past, while saving $10 per month on your SkyMesh broadband service.

Will moving my landline to SkyMesh affect my ADSL service?

No, your ADSL service will continue to operate as normal after you move your landline to SkyMesh. We are aware that some changes to your billing details can remove ADSL codes, however moving your landline to SkyMesh won’t interfere with your ADSL codes.

Can I select just local calls and line rental?

You must be a full-service SkyMesh Phone customer including local, national, fixed to mobile and International. If you choose to pre-select another carrier you will lose the bundling discount on your broadband.

What happens if I cancel my SkyMesh broadband service?

SkyMesh Phone is only available as a bundle with a SkyMesh broadband service, so if you cancel your SkyMesh broadband service you’ll need to move your landline service to another carrier.

I have a home service, can I change to a business service?

When your service is moved from your existing carrier to SkyMesh, it comes across as either home or business. To change from one type to the other, you need to contact SkyMesh and request the change.

Where can I see a list of SkyMesh Phone call charges?

Our website has a complete and up-to-date list of SkyMesh Phone charges for local, national and International calls, as well as charges for new connections. You can select Phone from the menu on our website or go to You’ll see a link for “Plans and Pricing” and another for “New Connections”.

How can I see a list of the calls I’m making?

On your monthly SkyMesh Tax Invoice you’ll see an itemised list of your phone calls made during the previous billing period, including the numbers you called, the date, time, duration, type and cost of each call. If you’d like to see your call charges before your Tax Invoice arrives, simply go to My SkyMesh and click on the Calls tab. Your calls will be updated at least once a day so you’ll always know what charges to expect on your next Tax Invoice.

Can I block calls to 190 premium services?

Calls to 190 premium services are not available on SkyMesh Phone.

Will I keep my Priority Assistance® registration?

SkyMesh doesn’t participate in Telstra’s Priority Assistance arrangements and your registration as a Priority Customer will lapse if you move your telephone service from Telstra to another provider. Customers diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions and whose lives may be at risk without access to a fully-operational telephone service should not transfer their phone service to SkyMesh.

Do you offer disability equipment rental or discounts?

We are able to bill you for the basic rental of any disability equipment you currently have, such as teletypewriters, however, we don’t supply the equipment or participate in any subsidy programs such as the Telstra Disability Equipment Program. If you rent this equipment from your current provider we can take this equipment over and continue to bill you, but we’re not able to offer disability discounts.


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