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      Starlink Satellite

      When SpaceX announced plans for the Starlink satellite constellation in 2015, many people were swept up in a storm of speculation and discussion.

      A challenge for SpaceX’s satellite division was finding a suitable internet provider model that was easy to install at a reasonable cost for end-user equipment. Was the tech giant heralding the new age of internet connectivity? Was the satellite fleet meant for more than just broadband internet? Is the Starlink satellite meant for the ultra-elite?

      There have been many changes to SpaceX’s plans for Starlink since its launch, and there are many factors to consider when it comes to its service.

      We’ll first look into this one: how does Starlink satellite compare to Skymesh satellite internet plans, and is it a reliable nbn® alternative?

      Starlink has a rough estimate of 2,300 low-orbit (or LEO) satellites making up its fleet (as of 2022). Unlike other satellite internet providers that utilise signals from a single GEO (Geostationary) satellites in a higher orbit. The Starlink fleet uses much smaller satellites than is typical for internet connection purposes.

      However, Starlink’s availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. A drop in connection speeds is possible with a growing service coverage, especially during peak hours. This effect can multiply as more Starlink satellite units come online and congest the service.

      Skymesh – reliable in regional, rural, and remote areas

      Whether running a business from home or simply relying on connectivity in remote areas, Skymesh has a track record of providing internet services to all Australians. Our Sky Muster® Plus is run by nbn co, which includes a government mandate to ensure that all Australians have access to broadband as soon as possible and at affordable prices.

      As for Starlink, Musk has cautioned that its Starlink satellite services are best suited for areas with a low population density. Meanwhile, the nbn footprint covers all of Australia, including remote areas, with no limits on how many premises can be connected.

      Choose Skymesh, where our services are not just tried and tested – they’re proven to deliver the results our customers expect.

      While there are cases of Starlink’s new satellite internet providing reliable service, its satellite technology remains untested for long-term usage.

      In a study by Purdue University, small LEO satellites similar to the ones used by Starlink had the steepest drop in satellite reliability over 3.7 years in a sample group that includes geostationary satellites, medium LEO satellites, and large LEO satellites. As the Starlink satellite internet service has only been in heavy operations from 2020 onwards, it’s reasonable to expect that the service’s longevity needs to be tested further.

      In comparison, satellite internet services such as Skymesh’s Sky Muster® and Sky Muster® Plus services use geostationary satellites, which have established reliability in terms of providing connections.

      If you plan to use a satellite internet service for critical workloads or home use, the service reliability of your internet connection may not be something you want to test in real-time. You may find that it can be challenging to find a technician available to provide onsite support or to help you iron out any issues at your location.

      Skymesh – customer service you can count on

      At Skymesh, you can tap into the expertise of our Brisbane-based customer service team through either a phone call or by email.

      As an Australian retail service provider that partners with nbn co, Skymesh takes care of the provision and installation of the nbn connecting equipment free of charge. Suppose an extreme weather event damages your equipment. There are service standards, which means that an nbn technician will travel to your property and fix your connection for free.

      At Skymesh, you don’t have to sweat it.

      At the time of writing, a Starlink service application for New South Wales, Australia, can set you back in the range of $139 a month for the internet service subscription and over $900 for the standard cost of hardware for a starter service plan. This amount does not include shipping charges.

      Choose from a variety of affordable plans at Skymesh

      Contrast this with the Skymesh coverage through nbn: the nbn infrastructure already has access throughout Australia, including remote areas, and there are no limits to how many premises can access its network.

      Fast rural broadband plans through Skymesh also come with free standard installation. You won’t expect fees for connection, service activation, establishment, upgrading, termination or shipping for Sky Muster® and Sky Muster® Plus standard plans. Moreover, you can change your plan as often as needed without plan-change fees. We’ll just prorate the invoice from the date you request the change.

      Choose Skymesh – plans that work for you, not the other way around.

      As of the time of this writing, the service is available in most of Australia. However, if you move outside your Starlink cell, you will have to purchase another Starlink kit.

      Compare the Starlink satellite service with the nbn network throughout Australia, and you can see why Skymesh is a leading regional provider for many Australians.

      Moving home is stressful enough. Arranging your broadband service doesn’t have to be. If your new address already has the required nbn equipment installed, Skymesh can get you connected within a few days. You won’t have to purchase new equipment or send your old equipment back to nbn co.

      If it doesn’t, we can help arrange the installation for you with nbn and connect you on the day of your installation.

      Take advantage of the Skymesh experience

      The Starlink Australia satellite internet service is still young, and many aspects still need to be addressed, especially regarding the service’s coverage, equipment costs, congestion and long-term viability.

      If you’re looking for services like home wireless broadband, know that more and more Australians eligible for the Sky Muster® satellite service have chosen and continue to select Skymesh over any other provider.

      Our dedication to connecting regional Australia to the global online community remains unmatched – we have over fifteen years of service experience and expertise as the foundation of our service reputation. We’ve managed this feat by being an Australian-based service provider run by Aussies on the ground and online. Our Brisbane-based team is ready for any enquiries on all days of the week.

      In short: we understand the need for Wi-Fi internet service plans like wireless broadband or home phone plans in ways a service provider can only learn through experience. We’ve helped regional Australians access a better internet connection for over a decade, so check out what we can do for you.

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