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      Internet Availability Checker

      Many Aussies look for an internet availability checker in hopes of finding an internet plan that can meet all their needs. Whether for personal use or for operating a small business, it goes without saying that an internet connection is a must for the majority of Australians.

      As the leading specialised regional internet provider for the nbn® network, Skymesh understands that this is something that’s particularly important for those living in regional areas. You can quickly check your address and see if any of our award-winning plans are available in your location. You can also reach out to one of our agents for assistance or if your address isn’t listed.

      Read along to learn more about nbn availability and how to run a speed test!

      Why is nbn not available everywhere in Australia?

      People who live in the city and want to move to regional Australia ask the same questions: ‘What are the nbn options at my address?’ ‘Is nbn available at my address?’ or ‘Can I get nbn at my address?’

      Even those who’ve never left regional Australia have been asking these same questions for the longest time. While looking for an internet availability checker, they wonder what exactly the reason is as to why nbn is not available everywhere, especially in regional areas.

      There are a few factors that contribute to why the availability of nbn plans is limited in Australia:

      For Fixed Wireless

      Landscape and terrain impact the service availability of nbn Fixed Wireless. At least 80% unobstructed line of sight is needed to establish an effective nbn setup. And if trees, hills, or buildings block the line of sight between your household and nbn’s transmission tower, it could be difficult for retail service providers to offer you Fixed Wireless plans at this time.

      The line of sight is also affected by the curvature of the earth. When dealing with a great distance, the planet’s curvature causes itself to become a natural barrier to the line of sight required for operation.

      In addition, the distance between your premises and nbn’s transmission towers will also impact its availability. The maximum preferred distance for nbn Fixed Wireless connections is 14 km.

      For satellite

      Unlike Fixed Wireless, satellite internet can be delivered at high speeds regardless of whether the surrounding terrain is rugged or flat. But due to a fair use policy, the amount of data each household can use through satellite services is limited to make sure that everyone can enjoy their fair share of data.

      For nbn Fibre Plans

      Many Australians look for fibre optic internet providers, but they may feel disappointed to find out that fibre plans are not yet available for them after using an internet availability checker. As such, we feel that it’s important to let Aussies know why.

      It all boils down to what is commercially available. Stacking up and laying fibre cables to connect thousands of homes is efficient in high-density population areas, but that’s not always the case with the rest of the country.

      In areas where population density drops, alternative technologies must be used to balance connectivity requirements with service costs. This makes fibre optic cables less widely available than other nbn options in those areas.

      But there’s no need to feel down because the nbn is continually expanding. Besides our internet availability checker, you can also check out the nbn rollout and coverage map on our website to see which cities, towns, and suburbs will enjoy this technology soon.

      How do I perform an internet speed test in my area?

      It’s easy to do an internet speed test when you’re already connected to the internet through a plan. If you’re on a Skymesh plan, we have a tool just for that!

      Just visit our speed test page and perform a check. You only need to wait a few seconds to see how fast your connection is. We recommend that you perform a speed test via a direct connection to your Network Termination Device (NTD) or modem, wherever possible, to get the most accurate results.

      But let’s say you don’t have a plan yet, but you found out that nbn Fixed Line plans are available in your area through our internet availability checker. You want to know how nbn 100 plans, nbn 50 plans, and nbn 25 plans will perform in your area in terms of speed before you make a decision.

      The easiest way to do so is to contact our team and let us do the work for you. Our team can help you determine which of the available plans in your area yields the highest speeds and which is suitable for your household or business needs.

      What is the quickest way to do an nbn availability check?

      There’s no need to keep searching for terms like ‘check nbn coverage’, ‘nbn address check’, or ‘check if nbn is available’ because the most convenient internet availability checker is on this very website!

      At Skymesh, you can easily find out if there are cable internet or fast nbn plans available on your premises. You just need to input your address on our platform, and you’ll quickly see which plans you can sign up for!

      You can also reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help you determine which plans you can get.

      What’s more, you can enjoy free standard installations with all our plans if you’re eligible.* You can also try our services through a 30-day no-lock-in contract. Just provide us with a 30-day notice of cancellation if you’re not satisfied with our plans, but we’re sure you’ll keep wanting more.

      Our mission at Skymesh is to provide parts of regional Australia with our award-winning internet plans. And we hope that through the expansion of nbn, we can reach more households and businesses soon!

      If our plans can reach your location, trust that we’ll offer you the best service there is. We have over twenty years of experience, and our Brisbane-based team of regional internet experts is more than happy to assist you when you have concerns.

      All you need to do is enter your address into our internet availability checker to get started!

      *Free standard installations exclude the new developments charge and subsequent installation charge.

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        Check your address

        See what’s available at your property