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      nbn® Setup

      If you’re reading this, you probably want to learn about nbn® setup for your home or business. Maybe even a decade ago, it was still possible to live in a home without an internet connection. But in today’s ever-changing world, the internet has become an essential part of life: to communicate with loved ones, work or study, stay entertained, and learn more about the world around us.

      nbn was established to address this growing demand for faster and more reliable internet. Today, nbn is the backbone of Australia’s fast-growing digital economy, and more and more homes are able to connect to nbn infrastructure every day.

      But if you haven’t gotten connected with a retail service provider that offers internet services via the nbn network just yet, here’s how to arrange nbn setup.

      Is it difficult to set up nbn at home?

      Perhaps you’re here because you’d like to make a new nbn connection. If you’re a little anxious about tinkering with equipment and configuring routers, remember that you don’t have to conduct nbn setup by yourself. nbn-accredited installers will complete the installation when you avail of a service plan.

      Before nbn setup can commence, however, you would have to compare internet service providers to see which one can provide the best nbn plan to suit your data usage habits and budget. nbn Australia currently has several speed tiers, but not all retail service providers and locations carry all tiers.

      Next, it’s important to know that nbn provides broadband services using a mix of three different technologies: Fixed Line, Fixed Wireless, and next-generation satellite. Even though not all locations are outfitted with a pure optical fibre line that runs all the way to their home, building, or street, these different technologies allow all users to access the same nbn infrastructure.

      For instance, maybe there is an existing fibre node, such as a street cabinet, near you. The nbn network signal can be set up to travel over a fibre optic line from the exchange to the cabinet before connecting with the existing copper network to reach your home. This fibre to node type of nbn setup is referred to as Fibre to the Node (FTTN).

      FTTN connections typically provide faster speeds and better reliability than legacy connections, depending on the distance from the node and the quality of the existing copper line.

      Alternatively, your home may already have an existing coaxial (cable) connection. A Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) connection can be created to give you access to the internet. To make the final connection to the nbn network, the existing ‘pay TV’ or cable network can be used. Your premises would be served by an HFC line running from the closest fibre node.

      For some areas with limited or no access to fibre, the nbn infrastructure can be accessed via the Sky Muster® satellites. In remote locations where the distance between premises can be many kilometres, a Fixed Wireless connection may be possible. This type of connection uses data transmitted over radio signals to connect a home or building to the nbn network.

      Your retail service provider of choice can help you find out what kind of connection your home or business can accommodate, so reach out if you are interested in an nbn setup.

      What do I need to connect to nbn?

      You will need a compatible router to connect to nbn. When you avail of a Skymesh internet plan, you can purchase a plug-n-play router for a one-time fee, which comes with free shipping.

      Other necessary equipment, such as cabling, satellite dishes, and nbn-supplied modems, will be brought over by the nbn installer.

      For those searching up ‘how to install an nbn modem’, there are also a few preparation guidelines that can make nbn setup day easier and more convenient. For one, you’ll need to think about where you want the nbn-supplied modem to be installed on a wall inside your house. You’ll need to ensure that it’s near an accessible power point.

      The ideal place for your nbn gateway modem would be a cool, dry, ventilated area away from busy areas where it may be damaged or knocked over. If you have infants or small children at home, you’ll want to ensure it’s out of their reach.

      When the nbn installer arrives, they will discuss with you where the internal and external equipment is going to be installed.

      Do local internet providers offer nbn setup for free?

      Eligible customers may be able to enjoy free standard installations.* In some instances, however, a new developments charge or a subsequent installation charge may apply.

      For those living in a remote or regional area and wondering, ‘How do I get nbn connected?’ We understand how difficult it can be to find a retail service provider that services your location. At Skymesh, we want to make it easy.

      With over twenty years of regional experience in helping regional Australians access a better internet connection, it is our goal to give you fast and reliable internet access, whether it’s for work or play. Our plans run the gamut from a few gigabytes for simple emails and calls to unlimited internet plans for heavy users or large families.

      We offer capped data plans on Sky Muster®, and unlimited data plans with burst speeds of up to 100 Mbps are available on Sky Muster® Plus Premium. On Skymesh Fixed Wireless plans, you can enjoy limitless data through the nbn.

      Lastly, all Fixed Line-based plans via Fibre to the Premises, Node, Curb, and Building are unlimited, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted surfing, streaming, or gaming experience.

      Go ahead and try us on a thirty-day no-lock-in contract to see if Skymesh is right for you. Our Brisbane-based team is happy to help if you have any questions or concerns.

      Hop online and get connected with Skymesh, powered by nbn. Check your address now to see which Skymesh plans are available at your premises.

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