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      nbn® Australia

      If you’re looking up terms like ‘nbn® Australia’, you’re probably curious about how it works and how to secure an nbn-powered internet connection at home. nbn is an Australian broadband network – the country’s digital backbone, if you will – developed to meet people’s ever-changing needs.

      This national open-access data network, made up of wired and radio communication components, is able to facilitate internet connections in more and more locations all over the country.

      nbn Australia was established by the federal government because of the way people’s online habits have changed. Figures show that around 99% of Australians use the internet, indicating an upward trend in internet usage over the years.

      Today, it has become an invaluable resource for work, education, and communication with friends and loved ones. The country’s ageing copper phone lines could no longer keep up with this level of usage, especially in urbanised areas like Hobart, Melbourne, and Sydney. This prompted the government to provide an optic fibre alternative to give Australians more reliable internet connections with higher data transmission rates.

      Because of nbn, retail service providers (RSPs) can help connect users to the internet. Here at Skymesh, we offer fast and reliable internet services at an affordable price via the nbn network to regional areas in Australia.

      How does nbn work in Australia?

      nbn Australia is run by a government-owned enterprise, NBN Co. As a fundamental policy setting, nbn provides only wholesale service to RSPs and does not directly serve end users. As a user, you have the freedom to choose which RSP suits your budget, typical data usage, and preferences, but the RSPs available in your area may vary.

      The nbn Australia system consists of the provision of broadband services using a mix of three distinct technologies: optic fibre, fixed wireless, and next-generation satellite. Because not all locations are outfitted with a pure optical fibre line that runs all the way to their home, building, or street, these different technologies give users access to the same nbn infrastructure.

      For those who have an existing coaxial (cable) connection at home, a Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) fixed line connection may be used to give you access to the internet. For those who live closer to a fibre node, a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection, wherein a fibre optic line is run from a nearby fibre node directly to your premises, may be used.

      A Fibre to Node connection (FTTN) is when a fibre node – likely a street cabinet – allows the nbn network signal to travel over a fibre optic line from the exchange to the cabinet before connecting with the existing copper network to reach your home.

      Fibre to the Building (FTTB) works in a similar way, except the nbn Australia network signal would travel to a cabinet in your building’s communications room. From there, it uses your building’s existing technology to provide internet access to the various rooms in your building.

      What type of internet connection is best for a senior user?

      If you’re interested in an nbn FTTP upgrade, it should be noted that not all types of connections are available to you. You cannot choose how you connect to nbn. Location impacts the service you can receive since what nbn allocates to your property is based on location, proximity to infrastructure, and other potential factors.

      However, what you have more flexibility to decide is the speed of your internet. nbn Australia currently provides several speed tiers that are suitable for different lifestyles and data usage levels. If you’re a senior user, here are some factors to consider to help you decide which speed tier is best for you:

      • How many people will be using the internet in the home or building? Your internet speed will be shared amongst all the devices in your home. Empty-nesters or small families would be able to get by with a lower speed tier.
      • What activities will you be doing on the internet? If someone in the house is an online gamer, they may want a fast nbn plan to minimise lag. The same is true if you’d like to enjoy video streaming in 4K or 8K.
      • What is your budget for internet use? Lower speeds usually translate to cheap internet plans. That said, be prepared to shell out more for a lightning-fast connection.

      Not all speed tiers may be available in your area or with the RSP of your choosing. It’s important to check in with your preferred RSP if a particular speed can be facilitated at your location.

      How much does nbn cost monthly in Australia?

      Those searching up ‘internet Australia’ and ‘internet packages Australia’ should know that while you cannot directly be served by nbn, you can engage an RSP that offers internet services via the nbn network. It’s helpful to compare internet or retail service providers before making your decision. The most affordable nbn plans typically start at around $35 per month, depending on what’s available in your location.

      However, if you live in a remote part of Australia, we know how difficult it can be to find an RSP that is able to service your area. That’s where we at Skymesh may be able to help. With over twenty years of regional experience in helping regional Australians access a better internet connection, our goal is to give you fast and reliable internet access, whether it’s for work or play.

      With Skymesh, the prices of the plans vary depending on the speed tier, if they include uncapped content, and more. But it’s important to note that the availability of specific plans depends on your location. The great news is that eligible users may be able to enjoy free standard installations from nbn.* Note, however, that this does not yet include any additional nbn-imposed fees.

      Need more data? Depending on your plan, you may be able to choose from different data allocations or even unmetered browsing. On Skymesh Fixed Line plans, you can even enjoy unlimited browsing, as we are a service retailer with access to the thousand-plus towers available across Australia.

      You can try us out on a thirty-day, no-lock-in contract to see if our service is right for you. We won’t charge you a cancellation fee should you be unhappy with the service provided, but we do require a thirty-day notice prior to cancellation. For any questions or concerns, our Brisbane-based team is happy to assist you.

      Check your address now to see which Skymesh plans are available at your premises. Just visit our website and enter your address, and you could be able to see if nbn’s service is available there. For further assistance, you may also speak to one of our agents if your address has not yet been listed.

      The internet service you deserve is now within your reach, powered by nbn Australia.

      *Free standard installations exclude the new developments charge and subsequent installation charge.

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