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Sky Muster™ Satellite Customers Only: Please note that the upload speed reported by Ookla may be inaccurate for satellite broadband services. nbn co and Ookla are aware of the issue and working together to resolve it. In the meantime, please consider using an alternative test to measure your upload speed. If you are concerned about your upload speed, please email us the results from the Internet Speed Test for further investigation. Note that after the download test completes, you may need to click on “Show more info” to view your upload speed. The advice above only applies to satellite services: fixed wireless services are not affected by the issue.
Confirm how this device is connected to your router or modem

Please note:

  • The type of broadband Internet service you have (for example, fibre or fixed wireless) is irrelevant.
  • Your answer is stored alongside your speed test result and may be helpful if troubleshooting is required.
  • Your answer has no effect on the type of speed test that is performed.
  • Wherever possible, it is always best to perform a speed test via a direct connection to your NTD or Modem.
  • For the purposes of speed fault investigation, your testing will need to be performed in isolation via a network cable.

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