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What do I need to know about security?
  • You should ensure that you choose appropriately complex passwords for your SkyMesh account and SkyMesh email addresses (Need help choosing a password? click here).
  • You should ensure that you don’t give out your password to others (at all – ever – for any reason).
  • You should be aware that scammers and criminals may attempt to trick you into handing them passwords (or other details) of your account or other online services.
  • You should be aware that unscrupulous suppliers may attempt to transfer your services while purporting to represent SkyMesh.
  • You should ensure the security of your computer(s).
  • SkyMesh can assist with most security concerns.
How will SkyMesh communicate with me?
  • Via phone: you’ve called SkyMesh, or we’re returning your call (from 07 3123 5800).
  • Via email: (from, or ).
  • Via post: (please feel free to contact us to authenticate any postal mail you receive).

If someone communicates with you purporting to be SkyMesh in a way not consistent with these methods, please feel free to contact us to see if there might be an issue.

Who may ask for my password?

No one should ever ask for your SkyMesh account password, nor for the passwords of your SkyMesh email addresses.
SkyMesh staff can always reset your password if you’re concerned about its security.

How can I secure my computer?

SkyMesh recommends that you secure your computer with Antivirus Software (e.g.: Microsoft Security Essentials), as well as making use of Firewall Software (e.g.: Windows Firewall).

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