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VoIP setup guide: BYO equipment

Here is everything you need to get started with your VOIP service, using your own equipment.

(If you’re using a SkyMesh-supplied router or ATA, click here to see a list of supported equipment in our knowledge base, then select the router or ATA you’re using.)

You’ll need to enter the following details into your VOIP-compatible router or ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter).

VOIP Phone Number: Use the SIP USERNAME from your welcome email.

VOIP User Name: Use the SIP USERNAME from your welcome email.

VOIP Password: Use the SIP PASSWORD from your welcome email.

VoIP Server (incoming and outgoing Proxy): Use the SIP SERVER from your welcome email.

SIP Port: Use the SIP PORT from your welcome email.

SIP Protocol: Use the SIP PROTOCOL from your welcome email.

Preferred Codec: G711a

RTP packet size: 0.020

SIP ToS/DiffServ Value: 0xb8

Registration Expiry: 120ms

Proxy Fallback: 120ms

Dial Plan:

Copy and paste the appropriate Dial plan into the ‘Dial Plan’ section of your ATA.

Your dial plan starts and ends with (brackets), and should not contain leading or trailing spaces:

Default dial plan:

NSW dial plan:

VIC, TAS dial plan:

QLD dial plan:

NT, WA, SA dial plan:

Be sure to save all your changes when you’re finished.

After performing these steps, make a test call with your phone. You should now be able to make and receive calls using the SkyMesh VOIP service.

If for any reason you need further technical support to set up your VOIP service, get in touch with us through email or call the SkyMesh Support hotline on 1300 759 637.

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