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Email Setup Mac Mail

A Step by step guide on how to setup Mac Mail for your Skymesh email address:

  1. Open Mac Mail: This is located under Mail in the Applications folder
  2. Click Mail at the top of this screen, then click Preferences
  3. Click the Accounts tab at the top of the preferences screen
  4. Click the + symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of this page
  5. The first page of the new accounts wizard will start, enter the following:
  • Full Name
  • Email address (Full Skymesh email address)
  • Password (Your Skymesh password)

6. Click ‘Continue,’ and fill in the following details on the next page:

  • Account type: POP3 / POP
  • Description: Skymesh Mail
  • Incoming mail service:
  • Username (Full Skymesh email address).

7. Click Continue, and Mail will attempt to connect your account. This can take some time, but should eventually complete.

When it does, the Outgoing Mail Server configuration will appear. Enter the following details:

  • Description: Skymesh Mail
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
  • Tick the box that reads Use only this server
  • Ensure the box that reads Use Authentication is unticked.

8. Click Continue, and Mail will again attempt to connect the account. This will also take some time. Once it has finished, ensure the box that reads ‘Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is unticked. Also, check to ensure that Authentication is set to none.

9. Click Continue, and check the box that reads Take account online, then click Create.

10. Close the Mail preferences window, and click ‘Get Mail’ to confirm that you are able to receive mail.

Require further assistance? Contact Technical Support.

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