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BYO WiFi Router Set up

If you have purchased a router from SkyMesh, your router is already configured and you don’t need to change any settings. If you have your own BYO router, you’ll need to configure it.

Here are some key steps for setting up your router:

1: Log in to your router’s setup page. Most of the time this is either: or

If prompted to log in, the default username and password should be admin. You can also find the username and password written either on your router or in the documentation provided with your router.

2: If your service requires a username and password you’ll need to configure your router for PPPOE SkyMesh off-net Fixed Wireless services. This can be found under your router settings. Your router should have an internet connection options page. This page should have an option for the internet connection type: username and password (PPPOE). You’ll need to add your username and password that can be found on your cover letter that we send you.

If your service doesn’t require a username and password (SkyMesh on-net Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster™ services) you’ll need to configure your router for DHCP by selecting it.

3: Once you have updated your router settings, you’ll need to turn your router off and back on again and you should be connected.

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