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SkyMesh Tax Invoices

When will I receive my SkyMesh Tax Invoice?

Your SkyMesh account will commence billing on the day your first service is installed (or SkyMesh is notified that the service was recently installed).

The day of month (for example the 12th) on which your first service was installed is called your anniversary day.

On the anniversary day each month (or if not possible, the 1st of the next month) SkyMesh will create a tax invoice covering one calendar month. This invoice will contain charges for your services in advance, as well as in arrears charges for:

•  any data blocks purchased during the preceding month

•  any phone/voice calls made during the preceding month (or un-billed calls from previous periods)

(if you upgraded your plan during the preceding month) a charge for the difference in plan price between the plan you were invoiced for last month, and the plan on which you finished the month.

How will I receive my SkyMesh tax invoice?

SkyMesh sends Tax Invoices to our customers via email, to their nominated Billing Email Address. To update your Billing Email Address, either log into the online account management tool, or call SkyMesh Customer Service on 1300 759 637. You will also be able to access copies of your tax invoices from within the online account management tool.

The tax invoice email you receive from SkyMesh:

• will have a subject that looks something like this: Tax Invoice 12345678 (username) – Total payable: $39.95. The tax invoice number, username, and payable amount will differ for each customer and invoice.

• will come from an email address that looks like this: SkyMesh Accounts <> The number after the ‘+’ is your Account Number and should stay the same for subsequent tax invoices.

SkyMesh does not send tax invoices via post. In the event of a dispute, SkyMesh can send one or many prior invoices via post if you wish, but this will not persist for your automated monthly tax invoices.

How much time do I have to review my tax invoice before paying?

The specific payment terms for each of your services can be found in the relevant customer agreements. However, the normal way this is determined is by whether you have any post-paid services. (SkyMesh Phone and SkyMesh Voice are examples of post-paid services).

If you have no post-paid services, then you have previously agreed to each of the charges that will appear in your Tax Invoice. In this case, there is no review period.

If you do have post-paid services, then you have 10 business days (NSW holiday schedule, typically around 14 calendar days) to review your Tax Invoice.

When are payments due on my account?

Once the review period for your Tax Invoice (if any) has elapsed, payment is due on your Tax Invoice. Payment will then be considered overdue after a further 10 (calendar) days.

How can I dispute a charge on my tax invoice?

If you believe that some charge(s) on your tax invoice have been applied incorrectly, you may contact SkyMesh Accounts on 1300 759 637 to raise an Invoice Dispute.

When you dispute a charge, we’ll ensure that you receive a tax invoice for the undisputed amounts and raise a Review of Charges case with our Accounts Department (and possibly our suppliers).

If you’ve already paid an amount that includes disputed charges and you need a refund, please don’t hesitate to ask (normally the amounts would remain as credit on your account).

Once the Review of Charges is completed, then any legitimate charges will be re-applied to the subsequent tax invoice.

How will SkyMesh process automatic payments for my account?

Once your account is due (if you’ve selected an automatic payment method) SkyMesh will attempt to request a payment from your bank within 24-hours.

If this attempt is declined, we’ll attempt to process the payments a few more times during the month. If your payment is declined, or we receive some other important notification from your bank about your payment, then an email will be sent notifying you of the problem.


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