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Why Choose SkyMesh?

We offer unmetered Netflix content. Netflix content delivered over our Australian peering links will not be counted against your data allowance. Sign up for a free trial at Netflix.

We don’t nickel and dime. There are no setup/connection/activation/establishment fees, no plan change fees, no early termination fees, no credit card surcharges and no equipment delivery fees.

We offer enormous amounts of data. We offer generous amounts of anytime data and enough off peak data to make you blush. We also don’t pretend our plans are unlimited.4

We offer Plan matching. We will do our best to match any nbn™ Fixed Wireless broadband Plan published by a competing nbn co Access Seeker (excludes ‘unlimited’ Plans).

We don’t lock you in. Some providers will try to lock you into a six or twenty-four month contract. Our term is just 30 days and you can cancel with 30 days’ notice. If we don’t provide you with the best service and support, we don’t deserve to keep you as our customer.

No waiting in phone queues. We give you the freedom of never having to wait in a phone queue. When you call SkyMesh, you can press 7 in the phone menu to request a callback. Alternatively, you can simply text the keywords “CALLBACK SALES” to our SMS number. No other provider offers this level of convenience.

Upgrade your Plan whenever you like. With our customer portal, My SkyMesh, you can upgrade your Plan or buy a Data Block whenever you like. The Data Block will quickly get you out of shaping and you can use the whole Data Block while unshaped. Some providers don’t give you the whole Data Block to use while unshaped.

We have a direct relationship with nbn co. Since we buy directly from nbn co, we have full control over what we can offer to our customers and can contact nbn co directly for any support issues. We don’t have to go through an intermediary like all resellers do.

We are an Australian-based team. We have been providing broadband Internet since 2005 and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalised customer service quickly and efficiently.

nbn™ Fixed Wireless Plans

Please feel free to enquire about matching a nbn™ Fixed Wireless Broadband Plan published by a competing nbn™ Access Seeker (excludes ‘unlimited’ Plans).

Please choose your Peak Rate2

Available Plans

PlanAnytimeOff Peak     Monthly     
With Discount1
$4.99/GBNBN‑WA66 GBNil$29.95CIS$19.95CIS
$0.44/GBNBN‑WA9030 GB60 GB$39.95CIS$29.95CIS
$0.28/GBNBN‑WA18060 GB120 GB$49.95CIS$39.95CIS
$0.17/GBNBN‑WA360120 GB240 GB$59.95CIS$49.95CIS
$0.06/GBNBN‑WA1240240 GB1 TB$69.95CIS$59.95CIS
$0.05/GBNBN‑WA1600600 GB1 TB$79.95CIS$69.95CIS

Available Plans

PlanAnytimeOff Peak     Monthly     
With Discount1
$5.83/GBNBN‑WB66 GBNil$34.95CIS$24.95CIS
$0.50/GBNBN‑WB9030 GB60 GB$44.95CIS$34.95CIS
$0.31/GBNBN‑WB18060 GB120 GB$54.95CIS$44.95CIS
$0.18/GBNBN‑WB360120 GB240 GB$64.95CIS$54.95CIS
$0.03/GBNBN‑WB2240240 GB2 TB$74.95CIS$64.95CIS
$0.03/GBNBN‑WB2600600 GB2 TB$84.95CIS$74.95CIS

Available Plans

PlanAnytimeOff Peak     Monthly     
With Discount1
$7.49/GBNBN‑WD66 GBNil$44.95CIS$34.95CIS
$0.61/GBNBN‑WD9030 GB60 GB$54.95CIS$44.95CIS
$0.36/GBNBN‑WD18060 GB120 GB$64.95CIS$54.95CIS
$0.21/GBNBN‑WD360120 GB240 GB$74.95CIS$64.95CIS
$0.01/GBNBN‑WD6240240 GB6 TB$84.95CIS$74.95CIS
$0.01/GBNBN‑WD6600600 GB6 TB$94.95CIS$84.95CIS
$0.02/GBNBN‑WD72001.2 TB6 TB$114.95CIS$104.95CIS
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Plan Notes

  • Netflix content delivered over our Australian peering links will not be counted against your Normal Data Allowance or Bonus Data Allowance.
  • Your Normal Data Allowance (“Anytime Data”) can be used at any time. It is used during Off Peak Hours if you have exceeded your Bonus Data Allowance.
  • Your Bonus Data Allowance (“Off Peak Data”) can be used during Off Peak Hours. Off Peak Hours are defined as between Midnight and 7:00 am and apply to your local time zone.
  • If you exceed your Normal Data Allowance during a Billing Period, your Peak Information Rate (PIR) will be reduced for the remainder of that Billing Period, except during Off Peak Hours if you have remaining Bonus Data available. The reduction and subsequent restoration of your PIR do not occur instantaneously and may take over an hour to be effected by our systems. The PIR is reduced to 256/256 kbps except for NBN-WA and NBN-WB Plans which are reduced to 128/128 kbps. We do not charge for Excess Data Usage.
  • You may upgrade your Plan as often as you like during each Billing Period. Downgrades are effective on your next Billing Day. We do not charge for Plan changes.
  • If you change to a Plan with a different Peak Information Rate, we need to ask nbn co to modify the bandwidth profile of your nbn service. nbn co currently aims to complete most of these requests within one Business Day. Although we have found that around a quarter of requests are completed within two hours and about half are completed within twenty-four, please be aware that it might take nbn co more than one Business Day to modify your bandwidth profile.
  • Data Blocks can be purchased at any time to remove speed limiting that is in effect. Data Blocks purchased during a Billing Period expire at the end of that Billing Period.
  • Data Usage is counted in both directions, so if you download 20 GB and upload 10 GB, that’s counted as 30 GB.
  • Each service is assigned a single public IPv4 address and a /56 pool of IPv6 addresses. Each requesting router or MAC address is assigned a /60 prefix of IPv6 addresses from that pool. Assignments are static but we reserve the right to renumber our network.
  • All Plans include 25 MB of personal Web space and up to 10 free email boxes. Each email, sent or received, can be as large as 10 MB and each email box can store up to 50 MB of emails.
  • The Minimum Agreement Term is 30 days from the date your SkyMesh service commences.
  • Payments are monthly in advance and may be either automatic charges to your Credit Card or via automatic Direct Debit from your nominated bank account. Payments via Credit Card or Direct Debit do not incur a surcharge.
  • The abbreviations “MB” means megabyte, “GB” means gigabyte, “TB” means terabyte, “kbps” means kilobits per second and “Mbps” means megabits per second.
  • These Plans are only available at premises serviced by SkyMesh nbn™ Fixed Wireless. We do not charge an account establishment fee.
  • You will require an Ethernet router to share your service between multiple computers and each computer will need to have a network card and current operating system.
  • Some Ethernet routers will bottleneck your connection to the Internet. If you are not sure that yours is fast enough, please consider choosing one from the list of recommended hardware shown below.
  • nbn co retains ownership of the nbn™ Fixed Wireless equipment it installs when connecting your premises to its network.
  • Due to network and other constraints, nbn co or SkyMesh may limit the availability of faster tiers in some areas.

CISClick on these icons (shown above) to view the Critical Information Summary of each Plan as required under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code.

1 You can receive a $10 discount off your Monthly Fee by bundling your existing eligible landline telephone service with your broadband service. Your line rental and call costs will appear on your monthly SkyMesh Tax Invoice. Please read the full details on this offer.

2 This is the Peak Information Rate (PIR) of your Access Virtual Circuit (AVC). Information Rates are calculated using the method described by nbn co in Section 4.3.1 of its Product Technical Specification (Version 2.7). Your maximum throughput will be lower than this rate and may be affected by:

  • Overheads imposed by Ethernet and other protocols you use such as TCP/IP,
  • The Internet server you are accessing,
  • The network between SkyMesh and the server you are accessing,
  • The network between SkyMesh and your service, and
  • Local factors such as the performance of your computer, networking equipment and Wi-Fi network.

Where the PIR begins with the phrase ‘Up to’:

  • nbn co declares that the Information Rate achieved at your particular premises may peak at less than the maximum PIR and only once during a 24 hour period. See Section 3.2(b) and Section 12.1(a)(ii) of nbn co’s Product Description (Version 2.7).
  • You may not be able to exhaust your Bonus Data Allowance if the PIR achieved at your premises is less than the maximum PIR.

4 If a provider tells a customer what will happen if the customer uses too much data, that provider’s Plan isn’t actually unlimited.

Data Blocks

Data Blocks can be purchased at any time to remove speed limiting that is in effect. Data Blocks purchased during a Billing Period expire at the end of that Billing Period.

Normal Data
Bonus Data
nbn™ Wireless 2 GB Normal Data Block2 GBNIL$2
nbn™ Wireless 3 GB Normal Data Block3 GBNIL$3
nbn™ Wireless 2 GB + 2 GB Data Block2 GB2 GB$3
nbn™ Wireless 3 GB + 3 GB Data Block3 GB3 GB$4
nbn™ Wireless 2 GB Bonus Data BlockNIL2 GB$1
nbn™ Wireless 3 GB Bonus Data BlockNIL3 GB$2

Recommended Hardware

Some Ethernet routers are not fast enough to handle Peak Information Rates of up to 50/20 Mbps.

Please consider choosing from our list of recommended hardware. Hardware from SkyMesh arrives plug-n-play and is expressed delivered to your door.

Please also note that hardware from SkyMesh is supplied on a self-install basis. We do not provide technical support for Wi-Fi networks.