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      WiFi Setup

      So, you’ve finally decided you want a convenient wireless internet connection at home, and you’d like to know how to get a WiFi setup up and running. You’ve come to the right place! If this is your first time setting up a WiFi connection, don’t worry – it’s not as complicated as it seems.

      Before we can configure your WiFi setup, though, let’s start with the basics. What is WiFi? It’s a form of wireless networking that uses radio waves to deliver high-speed wireless internet access. You can use this to connect your phones, tablets, laptop computers, smart TVs, and any other WiFi-enabled device to the internet.

      However, WiFi is different from an internet connection. A WiFi router will not work if your home or building does not have a modem that was installed by an internet service provider. Alternatively, an internet connection set up by a service provider cannot be accessed wirelessly without a WiFi setup. These two work hand in hand to provide you with wireless access at home.

      Is it easy to set up a WiFi connection for beginners?

      The first step in WiFi setup is ensuring you are subscribed to a home internet plan. Thanks to nbn® Australia, a national wholesale open-access data network, the internet has become accessible in more and more locations all over the country.

      Retail service providers (RSPs) offer internet plans via nbn’s network. Whether you’re looking for cheap internet plans or gaming internet plans, you would have to determine the retail service providers available in your area before you can compare internet plans.

      Once you’ve chosen your RSP and set up an installation appointment, your installer will configure your modem so that it is connected to the existing nbn infrastructure in your area. Then, they will typically provide a WiFi router that is connected to that modem. Your devices at home will then be able to connect to WiFi to access the internet.

      There are a variety of options if you live in highly urbanised areas in Australia, but those living in regional or even remote parts of Australia may struggle to find an RSP that can service their location. Luckily, we at Skymesh have over twenty years of regional experience. We’ve helped regional Australians access better and more reliable broadband services, so check your address today to view the service available at your location.

      What do I need to get WiFi at home?

      As mentioned above, you simply need to get in touch with the retail service provider whose internet plans are available at your specific location to get WiFi at home.

      The first thing you need is a location that is accessible to an nbn infrastructure. The ability to access the internet at your premises and how fast or reliable this connection is all depend on your location.

      Some locations can enjoy a pure fibre optic internet connection, some will rely on existing coaxial cables, and some will need a fixed wireless setup or a satellite setup to connect to the internet.

      In most cases, you won’t need to prepare anything to get WiFi at home. At most, you may just have to think about the area in your home where you want the WiFi setup to be (a living room or home office is usually best). The nbn installer can help you determine the best location.

      Your RSP will usually be able to provide everything that is needed for your WiFi setup, including your router. Here at Skymesh, you can opt to use your own nbn-compatible router. However, do note that BYO support is limited, and you will need to be comfortable configuring your own router.

      What is the best internet provider for home WiFi?

      The best nbn plan is different for every location and preference. You will need to choose an RSP that is available in your area, offers the speed you need at home, and provides high-quality customer support.

      We at Skymesh can get your WiFi setup up and running. We provide reasonably priced, data-friendly plans, ranging from capped plans to unmetered or unlimited data plans (depending on your location). You can start by selecting a plan based on how much internet your household uses each month.

      Eligible users may be able to enjoy free standard installations.*

      You can try most of our plans on a 30-day no-lock-in contract. We will not impose a cancellation fee if you are dissatisfied with the service; however, you’ll need to give us a thirty-day notice prior to cancellation. If you’ve tried our service and decide to commit, you can opt for a longer contract by contacting us via phone or logging on to your Skymesh account and updating your plan there.

      Additionally, our team of Brisbane-based experts is happy to help you with your questions.

      In Australia’s remote or regional areas, take advantage of the swift and dependable internet connection you deserve for both work and play. Check your address on our internet availability checker and you may be able to see if nbn’s service is available for your home. You may also speak to one of our agents for further assistance or if your address isn’t listed.

      *Free standard installations exclude the new developments charge and subsequent installation charge.

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