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20 Netflix shows to binge while saving your Sky Muster™ anytime data

20 Netflix shows to binge while saving your anytime Sky Muster data

Do you avoid spending too much time indulging in Australia’s favourite couch-based past-time (watching Netflix) because it costs you too much in precious Sky Muster™ Anytime data?

What if we said there was an easy solution to this minor set-back?


Upgrade your to the reimagined Sky Muster™ Plus for a dedicated VPN and video streaming allowance.

With everything else now unmetered by default, all your data can be used to stream your favourite Netflix shows.

20 binge-worthy Netflix shows to watch with your Sky Muster™ Plus service

With all that data to take advantage of, we thought you could use a little help working out what to record and watch.

Here are our top 20 suggested binge-worthy Netflix shows:

1. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

This is the prequel to the much-loved 1982 Jim Hensen film, The Dark Crystal.

Through flawless puppetry and clever special effects, we’re transported back to Thra – the world of Gelflings, Skeksis, Mystics and many other phenomenal creatures.

Listen closely as you watch and you’ll recognise some well-known voice actors including Helena Bonham Carter, Caitriona Balfe (The Outlander) and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones).

2. Mindhunter

There are now two seasons of this suspenseful American crime thriller.

Based on a true story, the first season set the scene, showing us how criminal profiling came to fruition in the FBI. The current season is just as thrilling and builds on the last season, taking a look at the horrific murders in Atlanta during the early 80s.

Watch Mindhunter on Netflix using PlayOn and Sky Muster

3. Suits

The most recent season of Suits to be released on Netflix will be the first without everyone’s favourite Duchess, Meghan Markle. Following the departure of loved characters, Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle) at the end of season seven, new regulars were introduced including Samantha Wheeler played by Katherine Heigel.

There are eight seasons of this to lose yourself in.

4. Kath & Kim

Kath & Kim had a good run on free to air TV between 2002 and 2007, and it has just joined the ranks of Netflix.

If you’re up for a light laugh at Australian suburbia, it’s worth recording all four seasons.

5. Stranger Things

The 1980s were a strange decade in their own right if you ask me, but Netflix has released three seasons of a science fiction horror that add fuel to that fire.

Set in 1980s America, Stranger Things is wonderfully addictive. I think it’s the touch of nostalgia mixed with a truly unique storyline.

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix using PlayOn and Sky Muster

6. Orange is the New Black

The main character of the show is a real person! Piper Kerman really did spend time in a minimum-security prison, and then she wrote a memoir about it, which Netflix kindly turned into a TV series for your viewing pleasure.

While Piper’s last name was changed to Chapman for the series, and her crime was changed from money-laundering to drug smuggling, it’s all still based in the most bizarre of realities.

The show and its actors have won a bunch of awards. Well worth a watch!

7. Jack Irish

There is a stack of viewing to be had on Netflix centering on the loveable Aussie rogue, ex-lawyer and part-time debt collector, Jack Irish. Three movies and one series to be exact.

Jack Irish, played by Guy Pearce, is joined by a sensational Aussie line-up of actors including Marta Dusseldorp, Aaron Pedersen, Roy Billing, and Shane Jacobson.

8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

This series is the prequel to the movie, occurring before giant food fell from the sky.

Given it’s based on a children’s book and movie by the same name, it’s probably safe to spend a quiet Saturday arvo bingeing this with the kids.

9. When they see us

Do you remember the 1989 true crime story dubbed the Central Park Five?

This limited series is based on the story of those five African American teens who were wrongly convicted of assaulting and raping a jogger in New York’s Central Park. In 2002 they were exonerated but it was 2014 before they finally reached a settlement with the city of New York!

Unbelievable and powerful stuff.

10. Riverdale

I’m a little late to the party on this one myself, but when I found out it was based on characters (Archie, Jug-Head, and Veronica) that I loved during my childhood, I knew it had to get bumped up to the ‘must-watch’ list.

I think it’s meant to be quite a deal darker than the good ‘ole Archie comics but I’m going to give it a go all the same. I know a lot of people who rate this well.

11. Peaky Blinders

I’m a bit of a sucker for historical dramas.

Peaky Blinders is a clever story with some addictive characters to fall in love with, like main character Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) for example, and his unpredictable sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy).

Sam Neill also plays a crucial role in this series as Chester Campbell, a protestant Irish Major whose initial role is to recover some missing guns stolen by the Peaky Blinders.

Watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix with PlayOn and Sky Muster

12. Arrow

Any DC Comic fans out there? This one’s for you. Stephen Amell plays the lead character, Oliver Queen (also known as the Green Arrow). I’m not known for being a DC or Marvel fan but admittedly, I did really love this series.

13. Janet King

Aussie drama is the absolute bomb in my eyes and how can you really go past a series that features Marta Dussledorp?

Janet King is actually a spin-off from Crownies, which also starred Marta Dussledorp as – you guessed it – Janet King. In Janet King and Crownies, Marta plays a Public Prosecutor dealing with high-profile crimes.

In between the two legal eagle roles, she played Sarah Adams in a Place to Call Home, and Linda Hillier in the various iterations of Jack Irish (also available on Netflix). She knows how to make a TV series a riot and a success.

14. Vikings

Travis Fimmel is the Australian actor at the centre of this saga about the legendary

Norseman who frequently raided England and France.

There are actually six seasons of this gripping Scandanavian drama, but only the first five seasons are currently available on Netflix. The release date for season six is unknown but what you do know is that with PlayOn and Sky Muster TM you’ll have no issues binging the lot when it airs.

15. Outlander

I personally loved the books, but they can be a bit heavy going unlike the easy to watch television series.

In case you’re not familiar with the somewhat racy time-travelling historical drama, we follow British nurse Claire Randall back in time from the end of WW2 to Scotland in 1743 where she becomes entwined with Highlander Jamie Fraser and his involvement with the Jacobite rebellion.

There are three seasons available on Australian Netflix with a fourth expected to hit later in 2019.

Watch Outlander on Netflix with PlayOn and Sky Muster


16. Glitch

Another piece of intriguing Aussie drama about a police officer (James Hayes played by Patrick Brammall) who has to deal with deceased locals coming back from the dead in perfect health.  It’s completely left of centre and unlike much else on TV at the moment.

17. How to Get Away with Murder

Viola Davis has either won or been nominated for sooooooo many awards for her role as Annalise Keating in this American legal drama.

Other cast members, and the series itself, have also garnered a lot of attention and awards.

It’s all based around a law professor, her five students, and various murder plots. You can’t help but get entwined in all the twists and turns of this dynamic story.

18. Zoo

Hands-up if you like a good James Patterson book?

This series is based on his book by the same name about a random group of unlikely companions who try to save the world from a mysterious pandemic of violent animal attacks.

19. The Crown

Royalist or not, there is plenty of entertainment value in this series that follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s through to more modern days.

20. Tomorrow when the War Began

More great Australian television based on a book series by the same name written by Australian author, John Marsden.

Get caught up in the drama of eight teenagers who find themselves in the middle of a war when they return from a camping trip. They get clever about defending themselves and trying to save their families.

It’s not heavy watching and makes for an easy-going Friday night on the couch.

How did you say I could watch TV and save Sky Muster™ anytime data?

Simple. Upgrade to the reimagined Sky Muster™ Plus.


20 Netflix shows to binge while saving your anytime Sky Muster data
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