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nbn® Rollout & Coverage Map

Delivering the nbn® to the whole of Australia is a massive project and will continue up to 2020, with new cities, towns and suburbs being added to the network on an ongoing basis.

To see nbn co’s progress on the roll out, use their map below. Please note that this map does not show the availability of Skymesh and we do not warrant that the information shown on nbn co’s rollout map is up-to-date and free from errors.

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    nbn Rollout Map

    Now that the initial nbn® rollout map has been completed and with more improvements already in the pipeline, the demand for nbn home services is at an all-time high. But what does that mean for you if you’re living in a regional or rural area?

    The nbn network was introduced as a replacement for home internet services, utilising brand-new fibre as an alternative to deprecating infrastructure like the copper networks used for phone lines. Designed to be a high-speed internet system that covers the country, the nbn network helps connect communities, particularly in the more far-flung locations and previously-unconnected areas.

    Essentially, the nbn network has provided new avenues for boosting economic growth in nearly all corners of Australia. And with the help of retail service providers like Skymesh, you too can achieve this through the robust internet service plans available in your nbn network.

    With over twenty years of experience in providing regional areas within the country, Skymesh is a trusted provider of Fixed Line nbn Fibre plans along with Fixed Wireless, Sky Muster®, and Sky Muster® Plus plans.

    With that said, there are still some questions regarding the nbn rollout map and its coverage. If you’re planning to look up your address on the map, the following information will be highly useful for you.

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    Check your address

    See what’s available at your property