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Skymesh are thrilled to announce our participation in the nbn trial that will provide 24/7 unmetered data allowances and faster speeds to regional Australians on NBN Sky Muster Plus. The trial is an exciting step for customers to improve internet access for people in regional and remote Australia.

The trial, which began in March and is due to run until the end of June 2023, is testing the capacity and reliability of NBN’s satellite technology to deliver faster download speeds of up to 100 Mbps for regional customers.

Skymesh is proud to have played a role in advocating for this trial and looks forward to continuing to work with NBN to improve internet quality in regional areas.

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    Sample Speed test reports from the trial

    “This week we began the new nbn Sky Muster Plus trial and are very impressed with the available speeds and the increase in both upload and download speeds. Pages such as weather sites, tutorial videos and web browsing load much quicker and wifi calling is working much better with clearer call quality”

    Jay, NT

    How to Participate in the Sky Muster Plus Trial

    If you are eligible for the Sky Muster Plus trial, Skymesh will contact you with information on how to participate. To be eligible, you must have an active Sky Muster Plus service on a 70GB or higher plan, as per nbn’s current criteria. To join the trial, you can discuss with our team about switching to an eligible plan or make the change on your own via your online account.

    Benefits of Participating in the Trial

    The primary advantage of participating in the trial is receiving early access to burst speeds up to 100 Mbps and 24/7 unmetered data. Additionally, you will contribute to testing the new service, helping identify and resolve any issues before its scheduled public release on July 1st, 2023.

    Important: Troubleshooting Speed Issues During the Trial

    If you are not experiencing faster speeds during the trial, several factors could be causing this. Your service speeds might be slowed due to nbn’s fair use policy (explained below), there could be a fault with your nbn equipment, your router may be unable to handle the increased speeds, or the service speeds may be fluctuating as nbn tests the network. As this is a new trial, performance may vary as more customers join.

    Should you suspect an issue with your service or wish to purchase a new router capable of handling faster speeds, please contact our support team at

    Please be patient with our support desk during this time, as we anticipate longer wait times than usual due to the sheer volume of customers moving onto the trial.

    May 2023 Trial Expansion

    In May 2023, the trial expanded significantly and to include over 5,000 new customers, making it the largest group of participants to date. This significant expansion will thoroughly test the network and ensure that the updates are ready for full public release in July 2023.

    nbn’s Fair Use Policy

    nbn’s fair use policy remains in effect during the trial. This means that nbn may, at its discretion, shape certain types of traffic (in particular gaming/software updates and cloud uploads in the evening) to slow speeds, if required, to protect the network.

    In Conclusion

    As we reach the tail end of the Sky Muster Plus trial, it’s clear that the initiative has made a significant impact on regional Australians.

    Customers have reported improvements in loading times, video quality, and call clarity, thanks to the trial. Skymesh’s involvement in this initiative has been crucial in advocating for and supporting the trial, working closely with NBN to enhance internet quality in regional areas.

    The trial expansion in May 2023 has provided an excellent opportunity to test the network’s capacity and reliability, ensuring that the updates are ready for the public release on July 1st, 2023. As we continue to troubleshoot speed issues and adhere to nbn’s fair use policy, Skymesh remains dedicated to providing top-notch customer support and empowering regional Australians to benefit from the advancements in satellite technology.

    The Sky Muster Plus high-speed trial is a testament to the potential for improved internet access in regional and remote Australia. With the trial’s success, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact that reliable and fast internet can bring to these communities.

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