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Disaster Support

A desolate landscape of charred trees and smoldering ash stretches into the horizon. The sky is filled with a hazy smoke, obscuring the distant treeline. The remnants of a forest fire are evident, with blackened debris scattered across the ground.

Australia is well-known for its harsh and unforgiving climate. Sadly, it often impacts our rural and remote communities the most. The bushfires which devastated the Country in 2019/20 are a perfect example of this reputation in action.

As an organisation, rural and remote Australians are more than just our customer-base, you form the community in which we belong.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • No notice period required for cancellations at affected premises
  • 30-days FREE when you’re back on your feet and ready to reconnect
  • FREE temporary redirects for your VOIP phone number  *Line rental and call costs still applicable*
  • FREE relocation of your service to a new address *Must be serviceable by Skymesh
  • Arrangement of payment plans if you’re experiencing financial hardship.

Is there another way we can help you? Please reach out.

Two men stand side by side, facing a flooded street. They are wearing casual clothes: shorts, t-shirts, and one wears a cap. The street is submerged in water, and traffic signs and bushes are partially visible.

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