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      FTTP Plans

      The increasing searches for terms like ‘FTTP plans’, ‘cheapest WiFi’, and ‘cheap internet plans’ are proof that more people are looking to have faster, more stable internet connections in their homes. However, there may not be as many home internet options available in regional areas as there are in urban areas, leaving many Australians residing in regional areas with limited internet options for home or work.

      Through Skymesh, regional Australians get better access to a stable internet connection. We have multi-award-winning plans that enable Australians in regional areas to enjoy better internet at home and at work. It’s time to stop settling for outdated technology like ADSL with the services we offer through the nbn® network.

      Your searches for ‘FTTP plans’ and ‘FTTP plans Australia’ suggest that you may have other questions, so we’ve answered common queries related to FTTP below for your convenience.

      How do nbn upgrades to FTTP work?

      The nbn network is divided into three main technology brackets: Fixed Line, Fixed Wireless, and Sky Muster® satellite.

      • Fixed Line connection. Uses high-speed fibre optic cables to deliver fast broadband to your premises. nbn uses a mix of different technologies across Australia. These service types include Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Building (FTTB), Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC), and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC). As the last part of the connection, some Fixed Line connections may use existing copper networks or use hybrid connections, which may affect the speed of the service, depending on the age and capabilities of the copper network.
      • Fixed Wireless connection. Uses radio signals and outdoor antennas to connect your premises to a nbn network wirelessly.
      • Sky Muster® satellite connection. Uses two cutting-edge satellites in space and a satellite dish installed on your roof to give you connectivity.

      The current internet speeds may not be satisfactory to some people, so they try to find out if FTTP plans, which are generally faster and more reliable, are available in their area.

      Some homes in Australia are technically eligible for upgrades to FTTP plans. For example, many of those who have previously enjoyed FTTC speeds and FTTN speeds may be able to upgrade to FTTP if their premises are qualified for it.

      Eligible customers will have to place an order for a plan with a participating provider based on certain speed tiers. Because not all homes in Australia are eligible to upgrade to FTTP plans, it’s ideal to check your address beforehand to avoid delays.

      Who are FTTP plans best suited for?

      If you work from home or run a business that relies on internet connectivity, FTTP plans are ideal for you. Fibre optic cables connect your home or business directly to the nbn, which can be more reliable than copper, coaxial, or wireless connections. With this technology, internet speeds are fast, stable, and consistent, making them great for applications like file sharing, video conferencing, and online gaming.

      At Skymesh, we believe that regional Australians shouldn’t be limited to outdated technology for their home internet. For over twenty years, we have been dedicated to providing better home and work internet connections for regional Australians. If you reside in regional areas of Australia and are eligible for our services, we can help you access a more reliable internet connection.

      And if our service is available to you and you’re interested in starting your Skymesh journey, we’re glad to let you know that our internet plans are available in thirty-day no-lock-in contracts. You simply need to provide us with a thirty-day notice should you wish to cancel it, and you’ll receive a final invoice from Skymesh.

      If you wish to upgrade to a different internet plan or speed tier, you can easily contact our customer service by phone or by logging on to your Skymesh account and updating your plan there.

      How do I check if FTTP is available in my area?

      Rather than endlessly searching for terms like ‘compare internet’ or ‘cable internet options in my area’, it may be best to check what internet options are available in your area right away, including FTTP plans, to save time. Online searches for this won’t always lead you to the answers you’re looking for, so consider working with a provider that makes it easy for you to find available plans in your area.

      Using our platform, you can check if nbn’s service covers your address. Simply navigate our website and enter your address. Our Brisbane-based team will happily address your enquiries and concerns if you’re unsure which services are available to you or if your address isn’t listed.

      Standard installations may also be available for free to eligible users.* However, note that this does not yet include additional fees that nbn may impose.

      With Skymesh, you no longer have to constantly search online for terms like ‘FTTP plans’ because of the outdated internet options you have at your home or workplace in the regional area of Australia. If our service covers your location, you can finally enjoy a dependable internet connection.

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      *Free standard installations exclude the new developments charge and subsequent installation charge.

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