Make cheap calls over your broadband connection

Add a SkyMesh Voice plan (VoIP) to any nbn™ service, ditch your old phone line and start saving on your phone bill.

Local & National

10c untimed

Australian Mobile

30c per minute or part thereof

International Calls

From 1c per minute

Toll Free

From 1c per minute

Local Business Numbers

25c untimed
Monthly Fees


Call charges*


The cost of making a two minute Standard National Mobile Call is $0.60
*Critical Information Summary

Voice plans are available to both new or existing SkyMesh customers.

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New Customers

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Existing Customer

Why a VoIP phone plan?

International Call Rates

We provide great rates for both international and mobile calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I keep my Priority Assistance® registration?

The Sky Muster™ internet service is nbn’s™ two billion dollar connectivity commitment for those hard to reach remote locations.

It’s the perfect solution for country towns, islands, and the outback. In short, any regional location outside of major cities which has been allocated the service as part of the nbn™ rollout.

How good is the call quality?

Ten ground stations across Australia beam internet to two state-of-the-art-satellites out in space, which in turn, beam down connectivity to regional and remote homes that are connected to the service via an installed FREE satellite dish.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

There are no hidden connection, setup, activation, credit card or delivery fees. Just pay for your chosen monthly plan and WiFi router (if you’re not BYO).

How long does it take to move my phone line to SkyMesh?

Depending on your location, nbn™ aim to complete all standard installations within 20 business days of SkyMesh processing your order.

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