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Sky Muster Data Speed

Provisioned Speeds

  • Download Speeds: Ultra plans offer provisioned download speeds of 25, 50, and 100 Mbps.
  • Upload Speeds: The maximum upload speed is capped at 20 Mbps due to the limitations of the Sky Muster network.

Actual Speeds

  • Download: During most periods, download speeds should closely match the provisioned speeds, with variations expected during peak times.
  • Upload: While provisioned for up to 20 Mbps, actual upload speeds may not exceed 10 Mbps in some cases, depending on beam capacity. Please note that beam capacity can change without prior notice.

Expected Performance

Here’s a breakdown of the expected peak speeds for each Sky Muster tier:

ProvisionedActualPeak Expected

Factors Affecting Speeds

  • Beam Capacity: The actual speeds you experience may vary based on the capacity of the satellite beam serving your area.
  • Network Conditions: Like any internet service, speeds can be impacted by factors such as network congestion and signal quality.

Minimum Assured Speeds

During peak usage hours (4 pm-11 pm), the following minimum speeds for Sky Muster are guaranteed:

DownloadUploadPeak Time

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