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Coronavirus and your connection

COVID-19 certainly served us all a lot of curve balls during 2020. But SkyMesh was proud to help rural and remote Australians navigate the endless ups and downs from the safety of their own home, knowing they had a reliable connection to the outside world.

While COVID-19 remains a fact of life in 2021, many Australians have begun to find their feet in a new version of normal.

As the landscape continues to adapt to the presence of COVID-19, this is where you will find all COVID-19 related information about your SkyMesh internet connection.

COVID-19 weekly relief data

From March 2020, NBN Co made extra network capacity and extra data downloads available at no extra cost to help Australians get through the challenges of the year.

That NBN Co COVID-19 Assistance Package ended 1 March 2021 as per the phased timeline outlined below.

What this means for SkyMesh customers

As NBN Co’s Assistance Package phases out:

  • we continued to provide you 10GB of free data every week, on top of your contracted plan entitlements throughout January 2021
  • we will wind this free data back to 5GB every week from 1 February 2021
  • we will return you to your contracted plan entitlements from 1 March 2021 and resume our bonus free 5GB of data each week during school holidays.

SkyMesh is constantly working behind the scenes to make sure you have the best experience possible.

We will be constantly monitoring your service quality, optimising our systems and working closely with NBN Co regarding the broader network.

SkyMesh office hours

SkyMesh office hours have stayed the same throughout the pandemic but some of our staff are now working remotely.

Sales and Accounts

8am-6pm Monday – Friday
8am-4pm Saturdays (Sales only)

Technical Support

8am–8pm Monday to Friday
8am–5pm weekends
8am–4pm public holidays

Time zones: Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10)

Have other questions? Send us a message via our contact form or give our Aussie Team a call on 1300 759 637.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

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