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Email Setup IOS

A Step by step guide on how to setup your iPhone to receive emails.

1: Select settings:                            

2: Select Mail:

3: Select add account:

4: Select other:

5: Select Add mail account.

6: Select POP, then please enter the following details:

  • Email: Your SkyMesh email address e.g.
  • Description: SkyMesh or your email address
  • Incoming Host Name:
  • Incoming Username: Your full SkyMesh email address
  • Incoming Password: Your SkyMesh email address password
  • Outgoing Hostname:
  • Outgoing Username: Leave this blank
  • Outgoing Password: Leave this blank.

7: Select yes to setting up the account without SSL.

8: Once you have entered all the details, please press save.

9: If you get the box stating that the account may not be able to send/receive mail, confirm that you have entered your details correctly. If you have, then click Save.

You have now completed your Email setup. Require further assistance? Contact Technical Support.

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