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Skymesh Mercku M2 Mesh network setup

You should already have a Skymesh Mercku M2 connected to your NTD (NBN modem).
This setup will need to be done from a computer that is already connected to that WiFi network.
Do not power on the mesh access point router until step 3.

1. Visit and enter the Admin password from the underside of the router (padlock symbol)
2. Click Add a Node (top right) > Start > Select Skymesh M2 Router > Next
3. Plug the additional M2 (Queen) into power and wait until its indicator light is in steady red. Please do not connect an ethernet cable to the device.

Please Note: When you first plug in the second M2 (Queen), the light will be solid red then blink red and become solid red again, wait until the light becomes steady red before pressing the Reset button (quick press and release).

4. Follow the instructions on the webpage and wait for a minute while the server looks for the device.
5. Once the device appears, select the M2-XXXX > Click Next and wait for 1 minute until the “Successfully added” message appears.
6. Click on Go Back Home or go to My Wi-Fi > Router Management to view your mesh connection.

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    Check your address

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