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Deciphering nbn co's service classes

When an address is added to the nbn™ network, it is assigned a service class. These service classes assist both nbn co and service providers to quickly identify which technology is available at a particular property, if it’s planned for service, currently serviceable, currently in service and if the required hardware has been installed to connect.

Below is the current list of service classes:


Service Class
Service Class Definition
0 Planned to be serviced
1 Serviceable by Fibre, no Drop in place, no NTD
2 Serviceable by Fibre, Drop in place, no NTD
3 Serviceable by Fibre, Drop and NTD in place
Planned to be serviceable by Fixed Wireless
5 Serviceable by Fixed Wireless, NTD not installed or antenna
6 Serviceable by Fixed Wireless, NTD and antenna installed
7 Planned to be serviceable by Sky Muster™ satellite
8 Serviceable by Sky Muster™ satellite but no satellite dish or NTD in place
9 Serviced by Sky Muster™ satellite (dish and NTD in place)
10 Planned to be serviced by Copper FTTN/FTTB (as yet not serviceable)
11 Serviceable by Copper FTTN/FTTB, Copper lead-in required
12 Serviceable by Copper FTTN/FTTB, jumpering is required
13 Serviceable by Copper FTTN/FTTB, all infrastructure in place
20 Serviceable by HFC
21 Premises within HFC footprint, no drop, wall plate or NTD
22 Premises within HFC footprint, drop in place, no wall plate or NTD
23 Premises within HFC footprint, drop and wall plate in place, no NTD
24 Premises within HFC footprint, drop, wall plate and NTD in place.

The Drop is the connection device which is installed on the outside of a property.

The NTD stands for Network Termination Device and installed on the inside of a property.

Service classes may change as the rollout of the new network progresses.

Service classes can be confusing so the easiest way to check nbn availability at your premises is by using our address checker.

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