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Manage my Spending

How can I select the appropriate plan for my needs?

SkyMesh sales staff are trained to assist you to choose the plan that is appropriate for your needs. Please feel free to contact our all-Aussie Customer Engagement Team on 1300 759 637 to discuss your plan selection.

How can monitor my usage?

Please see Understanding your Usage – How can I get information about my usage?

How recent is the available usage information?

Broadband data usage information is generally less than 15-minutes old (from time-to-time there may be blockages that will later be cleared).

Data block purchases and plan changes are shown immediately in the online account management tool.

Unbilled call information should be available for all calls made prior to the last 48-hours.

Will I get charged if I use more data than my allowance?

SkyMesh does not charge excess fees for usage of broadband services. For more information, click here.

How can I avoid a big phone bill?

Check your unbilled calls in the online account management tool to see the total value of currently unbilled calls. Once you’ve logged into the online account management tool, navigate to Billing in the main menu and select Unbilled Calls from the dropdown menu.

Try to avoid long calls to Australian mobile numbers.

Try to avoid long calls to International numbers (landlines and mobiles) and be aware of the call rates which apply (SkyMesh Phone International Rates, SkyMesh Voice International Rates)

How can I limit the types of call made from my phone line?

Simply call our all-Aussie Customer Engagement Team on 1300 759 637 to arrange barring of the relevant call types. Not all combinations of call types are possible.

Additionally, you can pay to add on-demand call barring: Optional Feature – Call Control Pin

How can I change my SkyMesh plan?

More information on plan changing here.



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