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Sky Muster™ Educational Service

If you have a child enrolled in a Queensland, South Australia or Tasmanian distance education program recognized by nbn™, you may be eligible to receive a Sky Muster™ Educational Service at your premises. Eligibility for the Sky Muster™ Educational Service is dependent on the arrangements of these state education departments.

To be eligible to receive the Sky Muster™ Educational Service, you will need to; have a school-aged student (K12) who would use the service as their primary means of education, and be verified by nbn™ with the appropriate education department as having students enrolled in an eligible distance education program. You need to provide SkyMesh with your child’s student ID number so we can provide it to nbn™.

In order to apply for an educational service. You will need to provide us with valid Student ID numbers that equal to the plan you want to apply for (EG – A three student plan will require 3 different Student ID numbers). The approval process form NBN Co can take between 3 – 4 weeks. While SkyMesh does everything they can in order to get your service connected as soon as possible, delays can occur while waiting for nbn™ to approve your service.

Please note: Customers seeking an education plan outside of Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, will need to speak to their state education department to arrange for an nbn™ Sky Muster education plan.

To check whether you are eligible and apply, call or email our sales team today on 1300 759 637

Plan Anytime dataSpeedMonthly Fee
NBN - SA - ONE STUDENT50GB12/1 Mbps$44.95
NBN - SA - TWO -STUDENT100GB12/1 Mbps$54.95
NBN - SA - THREE -STUDENT150GB12/1 Mbps$74.95
NBN - SB - ONE -STUDENT50GB25/5 Mbps$49.95
NBN - SB - TWO -STUDENT100GB25/5 Mbps$59.95
NBN - SB - THREE -STUDENT150GB25/5 Mbps$79.95

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