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Redtrain Fibre Plans

Redtrain is a wholesale only, open access provider of super fast fibre broadband. It is currently available in certain parts of Victoria.

In order to connect and choose a Redtrain plan, you will need to have had the Redtrain Network termination Device (NTD), also known as the ONU, installed somewhere on your property. To arrange an installation, please contact Redtrain directly on 1300 787 178. Once installed, SkyMesh can then accept your order and connect you.

Connection Fee Charge – $699

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Redtrain Fibre Plans

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All our Redtrain Fibre plans include these great benefits:

Unmetered Netflix (Australian peered usage isn’t counted!)

FREE Australian, 7 days per week, nbn co accredited technical support.

No hidden activation, setup, delivery, installation or cancellation fees.

10 FREE email addresses.

Unlimited plan changes (up or down in speed/data).

Fixed IP & IPV6

Redtrain Data Blocks

Anytime DataOff Peak Data Price

Data Blocks can be purchased at any time to remove speed limiting that is in effect. Data Blocks purchased during a Billing Period expire at the end of that Billing Period.

About Redtrain Fibre to the Premises

An Redtrain Fibre to the premises connection (FTTP) is used by Redtrain in circumstances where it runs an optical fibre cable from the nearest available fibre node to your premises. FTTP also requires a network termination device to be installed inside your premises. This device requires power to operate, and can only be installed by a technician certified and approved by Redtrain.

Getting Connected

If Redtrain has already installed all of the connecting equipment required to successfully connect your premises to the Redtrain network, your new SkyMesh service will typically be activated within 2 Business Days of us processing your application. Applications are processed by us as soon as possible upon receipt but some may take longer than usual.

Otherwise Redtrain will arrange for one of its technicians to install the equipment. If an appointment is required, Redtrain will typically install the equipment within 10 Business Days. Once installed, we’ll then need to activate your new SkyMesh service and this typically happens within 1 Business Day.

IPv4 and IPv6 Connectivity

Your service will be assigned a single, public, IPv4 address and, in some areas, a /56 pool of IPv6 addresses. In these areas, each requesting router or MAC address is assigned a /60 prefix of IPv6 addresses from that pool. Assignments are dynamic.

Service Speeds
Peak Information Rate

We describe each plan that we offer using the Peak Information Rate (PIR) of the circuit supplied by Redtrain. For example, a PIR of ‘Up to 100/40 Mbps’ means that, at least once during a 24 hour period, your Information Rate may peak at 100 Mbps or less in the downstream direction and at 40 Mbps or less in the upstream direction. Information Rates are calculated using the method described by nbn co in Section 4.3.1 of its Product Technical Specification (Version 2.7).

Please note however that the SkyMesh Speed Test does not directly measure the Information Rate of your service. The actual Information Rate of your service is always slightly higher than the TCP Throughput figure reported by the speed test. For example, a speed test result of 96 Mbps means that your Information Rate peaked at 100 Mbps during testing. The reported TCP Throughput is always less than the Information Rate due to overheads imposed by Ethernet and other protocols you use such as TCP.

The speed of your service may vary due to: the type of content being transferred; its source, destination and network route; the configuration and performance of your computer and local network; the number of end users active on the nbn network in your area; the performance of the network between nbn co and SkyMesh; and the performance of interconnecting networks not operated by SkyMesh. Wi-Fi connections may bottleneck the speed of your service. If the achieved Information Rate is less than the maximum, you may not be able to exhaust your Off Peak Data Allowance.

Exceeding your Data Allowance

If you exceed your Anytime (Normal) Data Allowance during a Billing Period, your PIR will be reduced for the remainder of that Billing Period, except during Off Peak Hours if you have remaining Off Peak (Bonus) Data available. The reduction and subsequent restoration of your PIR do not occur instantaneously and may take over an hour to be effected by our systems. The PIR is reduced to 256/256 kbps except for plans with PIRs of 25/5 Mbps or less which are instead reduced to 128/128 kbps. We do not charge for Excess Data Usage.

Switching to the Redtrain network

If you have a medical alarm, security alarm or EFTPOS terminal, please contact your existing providers to discuss your needs and, if possible, migrate these services to the Redtrain network. SkyMesh does not provide support for these specialised services.

If you have a life-threatening medical condition or live with someone that does, please seek a provider that can offer you a Priority Assistance® service. SkyMesh does not offer Priority Assistance® services.

This service does not include a battery backup service so, during a mains power disruptions, you will not be able to use the service to make emergency phone calls. We strongly recommended that you always have the ability to make emergency phone calls. Keeping a charged mobile phone close by might be one way of maintaining that ability.