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nbn™ Ready Wireless Routers

A wireless router is required to connect your household devices to your new nbn™ service. To make life simple for you, we completed a comprehensive review of the market and bulk purchased a great quality wireless router which we can offer at a discount when ordered alongside your new nbn™ service.

Wireless Voice Enabled Router
  • Suitable for all service types up to Standard Premium Evening Speeds
  • Suitable for up to two Internet voice (VoIP) services
  • Arrives plug-n-play for a quick and easy self-installation
  • Simultaneous dual-band wireless to maximise throughput & performance (AC1600)
  • Free shipping
  • Three-Year Advance Replacement Warranty
  • Supported by SkyMesh
  • 4-Port Gigabit Switch
  • Built-in VDSL2 modem compatible with nbn co’s FTTB and FTTN networks
Our rating of the D-Link TalkBox2800





Is your current router nbn™ ready?

A lot of the time old routers aren’t up to the job, or simply aren’t compatible with the nbn™ network. Don’t leave it to chance.

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Other Optional Extras

Upload Boosters

Upload Boosters

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Data Blocks

Data Blocks

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VoIP plans

VOIP plans

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Landline Plans

Landline Plans

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“We have been with Skymesh since we moved into our property in April 2016. On the top tier NBN package and the service has been impeccable!  Peak use is excellent but the large data pool during off-peak is where the service shines. 12tb quota during midnight and 7am. Have recommended to multiple people and their feedback has been the same”


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