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Move your existing landline service to SkyMesh and save $10 per month off your broadband plan

Here’s what you get with a landline phone plan from SkyMesh

  • Low monthly plan fees
  • Cheap local and international calls
  • Great standard features
  • Handy optional extras
  • A bundled discount of $10 off your monthly broadband plan

SkyMesh landline phone plans are available to new or existing nbn™ SkyMesh customers looking to move their existing landline service to us. Customers are required to initiate the transfer once their broadband service has been connected.

If you don’t have an existing landline, consider a VoIP plan instead.

SkyMesh Landline Plans

Home Landline

  • 1800 Numbers
  • FREE
  • 13/1300 Numbers
  • 30¢ Untimed
  • Local
  • 18¢ Untimed
  • National
  • 18¢ per minute
($2.00 cap for calls up to 3 Hours)
  • Australian Mobiles
  • 30¢ per minute
($2.00 cap for calls up to 20 Minutes)
  • International Calls
  • From 25¢ per minute
($2.00 cap for calls up to 30 Minutes *TOP 40 COUNTRIES ONLY)
  • Flag Fall (for timed calls)
  • 30¢
Business Landline

  • 1800 Numbers
  • FREE
  • 13/1300 Numbers
  • 30¢ Untimed
  • Local
  • 15¢ Untimed
  • National
  • 16¢ per minute
($2.00 cap for calls up to 3 Hours)
  • Australian Mobiles
  • 25¢ per minute
($1.75 cap for calls up to 20 Minutes)
  • International Calls
  • From 15¢ per minute
($2.00 cap for calls up to 30 Minutes *Top 40 Countries only)
  • Flag Fall (for timed calls)
  • 30¢

*Critical Information Summary

The cost of making a two minute Standard National Mobile Call is $0.90 on a home landline and $0.80 on a business landline. All timed rates are per minute or part thereof.

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International Call Rates

We provide great rates for both international and mobile calls.

Great Standard Features

Call Waiting

Allows you to receive another call while you are already on the phone. Simply put the first caller on hold and take the waiting call.

Call Forwarding

Allows you to divert calls to your SkyMesh Phone to another chosen number. Charges apply for forwarded calls.

Call Back

If you are trying to call a number and it is engaged, use the ‘call back’ feature. You will receive a call when the person you are trying to contact is off the phone.

Call Return

Call return gives you the phone number of the last missed call.

3-way chat

Use 3-way chat if you want to talk to two different people at once. 3-Way chat costs 55c per successful use, plus the cost of the call charges to the two parties.

Handy Optional Extras

Voicemail – $6 per month

Allows you to have your own personalised answering service to take calls when you can’t.

Calling Number Display – $6 per month

This feature, used with a compatible handset, will display the phone number of the person calling you (excluding unlisted numbers and international callers).

Dual Phone & Fax Line – $6 per month

This feature gives you a second phone number on your existing phone line, which can be used for a fax service. You need to have a compatible fax machine to use this service.

Silent Number – $3 per month

Use this service if you do not wish your number to be displayed when making calls. Your phone number will also not be recorded in public phone directories.
Your phone number will still be disclosed:

-To the emergency service number 000;
-To an internet service provider with ISDN access or an 0198 dial-in number;
-When you send a text message or reply to a Talking Text Message from your Home Service; and
-When you use another carriage service provider’s network by using a network override code.

Call Forwarding (Selected callers)

Allows you to control which numbers Call Forwarding applies to.

Call Forwarding (Set times)

Allows you to specify a daily time period during which Call Forwarding will apply.

Call Control PIN

Allows you to place a temporary bar on non-local calls with a PIN code.

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Other Optional Extras

Upload Boosters

Upload Boosters

Tired of waiting for large files to upload? Now you can boost your upload speed for just $39.95/month.

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Data Blocks

Data Blocks

Top up your monthly data allowance, when you need it, without having to change plan.

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VoIP plans

VOIP plans

Add a VoIP plan to any nbn service and start saving on your phone bill.

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Routers & Hardware

Routers & Hardware

Connect your household devices to a quality nbn™ compatible wireless router.

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Important Information

Priority assistance

If you need standard telephone service but have a life-threatening medical condition, or live with someone that does, please seek a provider that can offer you a service with Priority Assistance. SkyMesh does not offer standard telephone services with Priority Assistance but you can obtain such a service from Telstra Corporation Limited.

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