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Connecting Regional Australia to the nbn™

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The national broadband network (nbn™) is utilising a variety of broadband technologies to deliver fast broadband for the whole of Australia by 2020.  The technology available to your home or business is determined by nbn co, based on your properties location and whether the roll-out has reached you yet. Interested in upgrading to the nbn™ network? Use our address checker now to see if you can.

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nbn™ is the new Australian broadband network. It’s fast and affordable. See if you can upgrade now.

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No hidden connection, setup, activation, establishment, upgrading, credit card or delivery fees. *nbn‘s™ New Development Charge may apply.

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If you don’t want to commit long term, you don’t have to. You won’t pay a termination fee either when on a 30-day rolling Plan.

Unlimited Plan changes

Need more data? Upgrade your Plan whenever you like without incurring any Plan change fees.

BYO WiFi Router Friendly

Bring your own compatible WiFi router with basic SkyMesh support, or buy a new SkyMesh plug-n-play router for just $119.95 complete with FREE shipping.

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Seen something you like elsewhere? Let us know and we’ll try to match it. (Sky Muster™ Satellite plans only)

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Our local nbn™ accredited advisors are available 7-days a week should you ever need a helping hand.

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