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Moving Home?

Take your broadband service with you

How to transfer your SkyMesh service

Let us know the address of your new home and confirm your desired connection date, we’ll then check service availability at your new premises and arrange the service transfer for you.

Moving home is stressful enough. Arranging your broadband service doesn’t have to be.

Existing Customer?

Let us do the heavy lifting. Tell us where you’re moving and we’ll see which service is available at your new address.

Arrange a Service Transfer

Not a customer yet?

Check service availability at your premises, then order online or over the phone from one of our nbn™ broadband experts.

Check Availability

Is SkyMesh available at my new address?

A really quick way to check this is by using our address checker.

If you can find your new address, speak to a member of staff to double check nbn™ has your new properties address correctly listed within their footprint.

How long does the transfer process take?

This depends on if your new address already has the required nbn™ hardware installed.

If it does, we can get you connected within a few days.

If it doesn’t, we can help arrange the installation for you with nbn™ and connect you on the day of your installation.

We typically see Sky Muster™ and Fixed Wireless installations completed within 14 days of ordering.

However, installation times vary based on your location and are dependant on nbn’s™ installation teams. SkyMesh does not complete the installation.

Can I use my existing Wi-Fi router?

Maybe, it just depends if it’s compatible and can handle the faster speeds.

For information on how to check, read our blog post.

Is there a service transfer fee?

For Satellite and Fixed Wireless service transfers, there are no transfer fees. We handle all of this for you.

If you move into a new home that is serviceable by nbn’s™ fixed-line network, e.g. Fibre, you may be required to pay their New Development Charge.

Can I specify a connection date?

Yes, please do. We’ll then happily work towards that connection timeframe.

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