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Firmware 1.05 for D-Link DIR2150

Download the Zip File by clicking the link: DIR-2150A1_V105B01

Folow these 9 steps to install your firmware successfully:

Step 1: The downloaded file should appear at the bottom left or the top right of your screen, or it will go directly to the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer.



Step 2: Open the Zip file, right click on the IMG file, then click ‘Copy’

Step 3: Go to your Desktop and right click / paste the file there (or into another folder of your choosing)

From a computer that is connected to your WiFi router via WiFi or Ethernet, go to

Step 4: Login using the Admin password.   This should be on the card that came with your router, below the WiFi password.

Step 5: Go to the Management menu, then select ‘Upgrade’

Step 6: Click on the ‘Select File’ button

Step 7: Navigate to the Desktop or the folder where you copied the ‘DIR-2150A1_V105B01.img’.

Step 8: Select the file, and then click ‘Open’

You should see it listed in the router interface:

Step 9: Click the ‘Upload’ button, Click OK, then wait for the upgrade to occur.

The router will reboot during the process and may take up to 10 minutes.


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