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Windows 10 Update: How to Protect Your Sky Muster™ Data Allowance

Windows 10 Update: How to Protect Your Sky Muster™ Data Allowance



If you’re a Sky Muster™ satellite service user, own a Windows device and value your peak data allowance, you need to read this.

Microsoft is currently rolling out a big 4.5 GB compulsory update to the Windows 10 operating system.

While operating system updates often bring useful new features, it appears you won’t be able to schedule this update to ensure it commences automatically during off-peak hours.

Here are several suggestions to help mitigate your data usage and ensure you have enough peak data for the month:

  • If you’re a bit of a night owl or happen to be up late, we suggest grabbing a hot cocoa and searching for “Check for Updates” on your Windows device. If you start to download the update file after 1am on your Sky Muster service, the update should be counted as off-peak data. For Fixed Line or Fixed Wireless services, the off-peak period starts at 12am. You don’t need to stay up to watch the entire download process. As soon as you finish your cocoa, you can head to bed and your computer will keep downloading the update without you.
  • If staying up late isn’t an option, take this as an advance warning so you can plan for the possibility that your monthly data usage might be a little higher this month. Remember that SkyMesh allows you to change up a plan at any time, so it may be worthwhile temporarily upgrading to a bigger plan, then downgrading for your next billing cycle.

When is the update?

The new update (“Redstone 5”, or “Windows 10 version 1809”) should appear in Windows Update starting from today.

The update should be available worldwide from the 10/10/18 and your device will need 10 GB of free space.

What if I own a Mac?

There’s nothing to worry about. Enjoy an early night.

Windows 10 Update: How to Protect Your Sky Muster™ Data Allowance
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